Mockingjay – Book Review #3

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Title: Mockingjay
Series: The Hunger Games
Book three
Author: Suzanne Collins  

Publisher:  Scholastic
Published: 24th August, 2010

Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction
Young Adult

Rating: ♣♣♣♣

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“If we Burn, you burn with us.”

Katniss Everdeen has survived The Hunger Games twice. But she’s still not safe. A revolution is unfolding, and everyone, it seems, has had a hand in the carefully laid plans – everyone except Katniss.

And yet she must play the most vital part in the final battle. Katniss must become their Mockingjay – the symbol of rebellion – no matter what the personal cost.



That’s all I want to say.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. Three quarters of the way through I had made my mind up on my opinion of this book. Then the last few chapters made me stop and think. This whole series has actually been a really good series, it was so clever and well written.

When I started reading this book I was bored. I disliked the turn of events. I was annoyed at how the story was playing out. But I kept going with it because I just HAD to know what happened. Even though I wasn’t enjoying it as much I was still hooked.

At first I found it hard to continue reading this book. I felt that too much of the story was explaining things instead of getting into the action. I tried to read as fast as possible so I would get to the parts I wanted to read. But those interesting parts made me feel more despair. The story didn’t go the way I wanted it to. The way I had hoped it would.

It went one better and went the realistic way. The logical way. The direction that these events would probably take if this happened in real life. Which is terrifying to think of really.

But I still found the beginning half of the story drag, then the last half packed with so much that I had no idea what was going on. This seems to be a reoccurring theme in these books. As the story got on I found myself wishing the story would just end because I felt like I was in agony reading it. I just felt horrible. There was no good feeling arising out of those pages.

I’m just so blown out of the water right now.

I missed the strong Katniss from book one. I found her to be insufferable in this book. Just so annoying and indecisive. She contradicted every thought that she ever had and that drove me up the wall. Where did the Katniss that volunteered as tribute for her sister go? Yeahh I know that the characters obviously had to deal with a lot, but it was hard to read her in such a state of mind. I disliked how other certain characters turned out as well. But when I think about it, I probably disliked it so much because it’s so close to the truth. And it’s heart breaking.

The love triangle? I don’t even want to go there. I am heartbroken over it.

The ending? Heartbroken.

The reality of it all? Heartbroken.

It’s like a concrete wall has been slammed into my body and forced all the air out of my lungs. Is that called shock? Then I am possibly shocked at how this story turned out.

At the same time I knew what the major outcome would be.

I just wasn’t prepared for the rest of it.

This last book was amazing.

But I can’t say I enjoyed how it ended. Or how it started. Or how the middle went. And I am absolutely devastated at the way I feel right now. But it was still an amazing book.

I found the tears unable to stop flowing on the last few pages. The only time I found myself actually feeling for Katniss. The only time I was moved to tears through the whole series. Which is silly because there were ample opportunities for tears in this book, yet I was so adamant that I hated it that I just did not care. I just wanted to finish it.

I did not walk away from this book with a ‘good feeling’. It ended on a dark note. A very dark note. I did not expect that. So there’s the ‘surprise’ I had been hoping for since book one…

It’s safe to say that I do not enjoy dark endings. I like endings that have a ‘good feeling’ quality to them.

Over all, The Hunger Games series is a pretty awesome read. You will be taken on an emotional roller coaster. Even if it takes a while to get you there. There is a lot of action and adventure and the whole time you are trying to work out what Katniss’ next step will be. Let yourself enjoy it!

And let me know what you think!

Miss J


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