Favourite Cover Friday #1

Why hello there!

I thought I would post a post each Friday (NZST) showing you what book cover I am loving this week! I thought it would just be a fun little post to do. The cover’s might be from new YA books or old YA books, I might have read it or just seen it as I was book shopping or browsing recommended books on the internet, it doesn’t really matter. The cover would have just caught my eye and I would have fallen in love with it either way!

Let’s get started!

This week my favourite YA book cover is:

That red dress is just so gorgeous! It stands out against the dark, fiery forest but kind of blends in to the dark ground. I love the corset type style and the colour is pretty on the girl.

I love that you can see an orange tinge to the smoky forest in front of the girl and that the trees closer to her are really dark. This cover fits the plot of the book pretty well I think which is an extra bonus! Although Clara never wears a dress like this in the story. Still, it is a beautiful dress.

The font for the title is quite cute and it fits the premise of angels in my opinion. Which is what this book is about if you didn’t know!

You can read my review for this book here.

This book is a book that I think you must read. It is my new favourite series!

Do you like this cover? What cover is your favourite cover of the week?

Miss J


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