Favourite Cover Friday #2

Another Friday! Another cover!

This week my favourite cover is:

If you’ve read my blog then you will know that I love science fiction and astronomy. So naturally I love this cover!

The stars just look so beautiful, I love the colours and the way they change from pink to purple to dark blue. The cover makes my imagination go wild!

The two people make it a nice touch. But it also gives us the illusion there will be quite a bit of romance in this book. Which is misleading because there isn’t that much really which is disappointing. So this cover doesn’t really depict the book that well. Apart from the stars.

I still love it though!

Miss J

P.S. I’m going on a little holiday with family this weekend so I will be posting OMW on Sunday night NZST.


3 thoughts on “Favourite Cover Friday #2

  1. I agree with your assessment on the book cover… my coworker and I were just talking today about space pictures and how beautiful and surreal they look. There’s just some thing about them…

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