I bought an eReader!

Eek! So I actually only discovered eBooks when I started this blog. Weird? I guess. Well, I ended up splurging on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet… Why? Because I was obsessed and seriously wanted something that could read eBooks. Plus ereaders are actually really small! I couldn’t imagine reading an eBook on something so small, even though books are usually the same size as the average eReader. This one is 10 inches while ereaders are usually 6 or 7 inches. So it makes a huge difference! Especially because I need to wear reading glasses or I get a huge headache straining to read. So the bigger the font the better!

To be honest, I really, really, really shouldn’t have as I really can’t afford it. But it was $100 off the original price which then sent me into sale mode, when I’m in sale mode there’s no stopping me spending money. Okay, so actually, I don’t have a sale mode. It took me over an hour to decide to buy it. I stood in the store staring at the display Tablet for that whole hour. I kept weighing up the pro’s an con’s of getting one, the reality of spending that amount of money on this tablet and if it was really a good idea, mathematically working out how many extra shifts I would need to pick up at work to make that money back. In the end, my excitement and desperate need for one won over. Although, if I had had the money I would have gotten the new iPad instead since I have an iPhone (Which took me months and months to save up for!). This was a cheaper option.

I’m pretty sure I drove the sale clerks crazy! Every single one came up to me at least twice in that hour and asked if they could help. With which I replied: “Thank you, but I’m just trying to make a decision.”, which they then smiled, said ‘Okay!’, turned around and walked away. The guy that finally made the sale must have been relieved.

I’ve already downloaded a  few classics which were free. Such as Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlett Letter, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Eyre, Northanger Abbey and the such. At the moment I am reading Pride and Prejudice. But I’m struggling through it, mostly because I’ve never read one of these books before and I’m trying to get used to the prose.

I like this tablet. Sure, I think that if I wouldn’t be using the kindle, kobo and other ereader apps so often I would absolutely have no use for this tablet. But I do use them. Seriously though, what do normal people use tablet’s for? It’s practically like a smart phone just bigger and without the phone options. You download apps, set up your email and social networks and that’s it. Although, businessmen would have a lot of use for tablets that were 3G or 4G. But I’m not a businessman and this tablet is WiFi only. I kind of wish I was just so I had more reason to use this tablet!

Do you own a tablet? What do you use it for mostly? Do you own an eReader?

If you want, you can view my eReader wishlist here!

Miss J


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