New look!


Like my new look? Because I fell in love with it as I was making it! So I hope you like it.

Before I made this blog I didn’t know how limiting the free hosting version of wordpress was. So once I found out I started searching for a theme that I liked and could personalize something to make it my own.

I would host this blog myself, but I don’t know enough about that yet and at the moment I do not think it’s worth it. The readership is pretty low! I’m working on raising it though, so let me know what you like to read on book review blogs and what draws you in!

I digress. I was stoked when I found this theme Forever by Automattic the other day! I think it’s so cute and clean so I got to work making graphics to personalize it. Which is why lately I haven’t been posting as often, I’ve been busy making the header, background and a few other pieces. It’s been fun!

Personally I’m rather proud of what I ended up making! I made everything from scratch mostly, I even wrote out the story that is in the background of the graphics. I did so because I wanted it to be more personal. Plus, I knew exactly what I wanted and I got to have a little fun writing.

What do you think?

I’m going to add/change more things over the next week or so as well which brings me to this: I have some questions for you!

What puts you off a blog when you enter their site?
What stops you from wanting to follow a blog?
What do you like on blog layouts?
What do you look for in a book review blog?
What draws you in? 

Pass these questions around on your blog, perhaps answer and ask your readers via a blog post? Link me in so I know you’ve answered! Because I would love to hear as many different opinions as I can. Personally I want to help the blog to grow!

Miss J


3 thoughts on “New look!

  1. I love the new look its so pretty and different. I have yet to see this look anywhere online which is a good thing. Nothing worse then stumbling up a blog with your look right?

    To answer your questions:
    1) What puts me off is the dark backgrounds and light text. Soon as I go to a blog like that I am outta there. Its really hard on the eyes. Don’t you agree?

    2) What stops me from following a blog is the content. If you are a book reviewer I would love to know about the book and what you thought of the book not like posts like “Yea I liked the book” and when you don’t give me enough of a review. You want a person to run out and buy the book because you recommended it. Another thing that stops me is if they are constantly causing drama or don’t take the time to acknowledge their readers or followers.

    3) I love unique blog designs. Ones that stand out from the rest. I think before making a blog a blogger needs to check to see what is out there and to make sure someone isn’t using the same theme. When I first started I saw alot of duplicates and it gets confusing. Clean and simple layouts. Not to much clutter on the side bars, easy to get around.

    4)In a book review I look for what you thought of the book, a little despcription, and a cover of the book. You don’t have to make the review long but enough that a person can get a feel of the book without spoilers.

    5)What draws me in is a blogger or blog who comes of as sincere and trust worthy. You have to be honest with your readers. Sometimes the reader just wants you to be you and that will come off in your posts etc.

    Sorry for the long long comment :)

    • Hi Cindy!

      Do not be sorry for the long comment. I love it! Thank you! It took me a while to design the graphics but I’m rather pleased at how it’s turned out. So I’m glad to hear that someone else likes it too :D

      Yeah you’re right, coming across a blog with the same layout is horrifying! You want to be different and grab readers that way!

      Thank you for your advice. I am going to keep it in mind as I continue editing the layout and content of this blog. It has given me things to think about, definitely when it comes to reviewing books!

      I agree about the dark background and light text situation. It gives me a headache straining to read the text if I ever get that far. Usually I do not get that far.

      Thank you again! :)

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