Favourite Cover Friday #5

Favourite Cover Friday

Looking back at the covers I’ve liked has made me realise most of them look rather dark, or they were sci fi based. So this week I went cover hunting and found one that I think is just beautiful and is on the light side of colours.

This week my favourite cover is:

That blue sky looks so vast and beautiful. What lovely weather! I love summer and this looks like a summers day, or rather a spring day. I like spring as well, for the obvious reasons of new life, flowers and plants blooming, new beginnings and start-overs and the beauty of the world as it comes out of the cold, dark winter.

The meadow reminds me of a farm with beautiful well cared for land. Although it also reminds me of hay-fever as I get pretty bad hay-fever in locations like this! Still, to me it’s a sight of peacefulness.

The dress the girl is wearing is interesting, I haven’t read this book but it gives the inclination that this book is set in an earlier time. The way she’s looking out though makes me feel like she is in pain.

This cover minus the girl just brings back warm memories of the summers I spent with family and friends as a child. I just love that.

To be honest, this book doesn’t interest me. It is the second book in the series The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell. I would post the summary if it wasn’t the second book in the series, I wouldn’t want to ruin the first book for people that want to read this series.

Miss J


4 thoughts on “Favourite Cover Friday #5

  1. I greatly enjoy the photo…. but then I see the words and then I see an idea… or rather more like a genre of books that is just not for me and they are the amish romance novel genre, but I shall not judge a book by its cover. Though I really do like the photo, the angle espeically.

    • Ahh interesting, I can see that too now you point it out. Hmm the cover drew me to this book just because I was specifically looking for a cover like this but after reading the summary I’m not really interested in this series at all.

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