Favourite Cover Friday #7

Favourite Cover Friday

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this cover yet because I absolutely loved the book!

This week my favourite cover is:

I love the font of the title. It definitely looks fairytale-ish and gives us that feeling.

The way the leg and shoe have been drawn just looks so perfect for some reason. Maybe it’s the way the curves of the shoe and leg are drawn that make it look like that? I love the colour of the shoe. I also like the detail like the way the skin is drawn just above the back of the shoe and the fact we can slightly see the foot through the shoe. It makes it dimensional.

The metal limbs make it interesting and gives us a bit of information about the story. Yet it is also wrong in depicting the story because Cinder does not have skin over her metal limbs, nor does she wear heeled shoes like this, so in that respect it isn’t that perfect to depicting the story.

Still, it is a nice cover that gives us just the right amount of information before we read the summary.

Miss J


2 thoughts on “Favourite Cover Friday #7

  1. I love that cover too! It does make me think of a fairytale (: I also love just how clean it looks :P This is definitely a book to own in hardcover :D

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