Arty Corner #1

The ‘Arty Corner‘ is where I post arty things that I make for you to use. Such as; bookmarks, meme graphics and whatever else I come out with.

My very first ‘Arty‘ post! Yay!

I made a couple of bookmarks that I really wanted to share. I’ve even printed a couple out and I plan on laminating them to use for myself. So definitely feel free to take these and use them for yourself!

Read All Day Long Bookmark Read All Night Long BookmarkClick on the bookmark and save the file to your desktop that comes up in another window. This file is big so when it is printed it comes out a decent size and is not bad quality. When the ‘print‘ screen comes up I adjust it to the size that I want it at so it’s not too big or too small.

You can print out two copies and put them back to back and laminate them! Or printing them on photo paper works as well.

Let me know if you take these! It would be cool to know people are actually going to use these. But if no one does use these that’s fine with me because I will definitely use them haha. I just want to share these things with you all.

What do you think?!

Do you have any ideas for other things I could make? I would love to hear them!

Miss J


10 thoughts on “Arty Corner #1

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  2. wow they are truly fantastic!!! If i could get a laminator to borrow or something i think i will print these off, i love bookmarks and can never have enough. I have my own bookmarks designed for my blog – like 250 lol but i love other ppls too :) x

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