Favourite Cover Friday #13

Favourite Cover Friday
Favourite Cover Friday is where I show you book covers that I have come across and really liked. They may not be books I necessarily want to read, though I leave the summary for you to make your own judgement  for yourself.
This week my favourite cover is:

Burn by Addison Moore

Because this is the third book in the series I am not going to post the summary.

Here is the series goodreads link.

Woww, the blue fire is so pretty! I love it! The butterflies in the middle are pretty too.

The font for the title is pretty (So much use of the word ‘pretty’!) but I don’t really like the plainness of the author font. I guess that’s because everything else about this cover is simple but not plain.

Miss J


5 thoughts on “Favourite Cover Friday #13

  1. This is a gorgeous cover! I love the idea of a Favourite Cover Friday, is this a meme you’ve created or one that’s hosted on another blog? I could definitely see myself posting some of these, just want to be sure I’m giving credit to whoever came up with the great idea! :)

    • Hi Helen!

      I created this feature when I first started this blog! Feel free to post these posts and link back if you like :) It’ll be awesome to have someone else doing it too!


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