Monthly Overview. Plus some.

I was lazy last month and didn’t do a review of the month beforehand. So this post will highlight the best parts of the past two months! Well, by ‘best parts’ I mean: Posts I want you to see again. … … … :)

June – July Overview

I started June off by making my twitter account: @MissBookReviews, which was a good start I think. 

  • I read my first book, Tangled Tides, with mermaids/sea creatures as it’s main focus.
  • I made my frist ever vlog (I loved the way my hair was way more two months ago…)! Followed up by a second vlog which I did for a Showcase Sunday post. I even sang at the end of them… This ended my vlog phase… I get bored very easily, so apparently I got bored of making and editing vlogs. The whole two I made! Plus… I don’t actually think anyone watched them haha.
  • I reviewed my first eBook ReVamped by Ada Adams. And enjoyed it.
  • I was as the end of my Science fiction kick with Inside Out, Glow and Enders Game.
  • Which then started my Vampire phase O_O with the first Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead until Dark, and I loved it! But I already love True Blood, soo I may be a little biased. Vampire Diaries followed with the first and second book of the series. They bombed my expectations unfortunately and made me really sad. Which brought me to an abrupt end of my vampire phase for the time being.
  • This was the reason I moved onto witches with The Secret Circle. By the same author. Logic fail. But I actually enjoyed this series a tonne more than the Vampire Diaries!
  • I then wanted to know what books you grew up reading.
  • In July I went book crazy and bought a tonne of them. Showcase Sunday 4, 5, 6.
  • I had had enough of paranormal romance for a bit and found myself falling head over heels for anything dystopian.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky (I highly recommend you read this one!).
  • I created my blogroll which includes links to really awesome book bloggers!
  • I started the ‘Arty Corner‘, where I have, as of date, only made a couple of bookmarks… I will be posting other things soon! I’ve just been a little too stressed to be creative recently.
  • I found The Selection to be a fun and light read. Definitely a book you should enjoy at face value.
  • But Divergent became my next five club rated book! I loved, loved, loved it!

And that was the past two months.

July was a little bit emptier due to levels of self induced stress and sitting on my ass worrying about said stress-related-things. August may be a little emptier still due to me trying to live my life outside more. Which will hopefully make me feel a whole lot better.

Happy August!

Miss J


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