[Review #40] Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion by L. J. Smith

Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion

Title: Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion
Series: Vampire Diaries
Book four
Author: L. J. Smith

Published: 1991

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Young Adult
Rating: ♣♣

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The Final Conflict…The Last Deadly Kiss

Now she rises from the dead to recreate the powerful vampire trio.

Summoned by Elena, he keeps a promise to her and fights the most terrifying evil he’ s ever faced.

Joining the brother he once called enemy, Damon battles this new horror with strength, cunning, and deadly charm.


Note: This book is called The Reunion or Dark Reunion.

*SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read the first three Vampire Diaries books then please do not read on. SPOILER ALERT!*

[SpoilerSoo I was shocked when Elena really died at the end of the last book. I mean, hellooo? Who’s narrating the next book? Well Bonnie is. And Stefan in some places, then also Matt in a couple… That is most definitely not following the format from the first three books! I mean can you do that? It just felt weird is all. I’m not sure if I liked that.

As for the book, well, it was rather, well, like the first three unfortunately. I was scared for some of the parts (This book is quite spooky), but I wasn’t drawn in or excited by anything that was going on or anything that was happening. Nothing kept me interested. I really couldn’t figure out why. I just wasn’t hooked. And I felt nothing for the characters.

I have to say that as far as the characters went:

Meredith was always distant so I never felt any connection to her.

Matt was over protective all the time and to be honest it got annoying.

Stefan was blinded by grief and always depressed, he always thought he could save the day by himself which was stubborn and annoyed me to no end because I wanted him to have a realization of some sort.

Damon was a love sick puppy, which was pretty disappointing since I felt like it was such a drastic change from the cool, mysterious Damon we first met.

And with Bonnie it felt like she liked being the one that was always scared and always cried. She was weaker than the others, and she knew that but it made it worse because she knew it. I really did not like that she has psychic abilities yet she can barely use them to help everyone in bad situations. Yeah, she did use them and they did help more than not having them at all BUT she couldn’t use them to kick ass? I mean at least give her some cool nifty power! Telekinesis maybe? Fire shooting out of her eyes even! Ohh at least mind control. Come on, soo many possibilities… Ok, so I’m joking with that, those powers would be weird. But it’s just that she was always scared and always crying, I had really wanted her to grow stronger and be the one to save everyone. I was rooting for her to step up and take control! I guess that wasn’t gonna happen in this series. Perhaps the next?

In my honest opinion this series was far from my expectations. In a very bad way. I guess that’s what you get for watching the T.V series adaptation before reading the books.

So the series as a whole: I really disliked that Elena got everything she wanted in the end. The way the guys always fawned over her for no reason, she was an awful person, barely a good friend half the time, selfish all of the time, and was very hard to relate to if you could even relate to her at all. I mean I did not understand what everyone found so appealing about her. The fact that she was doted over all the time really annoyed me. She was a spoilt little brat. And acted as much. Of course she got everything she wanted in the end. She wouldn’t expect anything less.

The characterization of most of the characters was barely there. They hardly grew from the first book. Meredith stayed mysterious and distant through out the whole series, Bonnie stayed scared and weak through-out the whole series, except right at the end, so I guess she did grow a little bit. But even then I wanted more. Matt was over-protective and would put his life on the line for everyone. Anyone. All the time. It’s a wonder he never died… Stefan brooded the whole time. About everything. Damon was sexy and nasty (In a nice way?), then sexy and trying really hard to appear nasty. He was still my favourite character though.

I really wanted to enjoy this series better. I really, really, really did. I really tried. And I’ve decided I’m still going to try. I’m going to give the sequel series a chance. I think I’m a little crazy since this series wasn’t my cup of tea.

On the positive side: I thought L. J. Smith’s The Secret Circle was totally awesome!

Miss J


4 thoughts on “[Review #40] Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion by L. J. Smith

  1. Okay so I’ve never read the VD books, and I don’t really plan to, so I read your review in detail. Yours is not the first book review I’ve seen for this series and I gotta say, most of the reviews I’ve seen are less than stellar. Pretty much everyone who’s reviewed the books has agreed that they are a little flat and not nearly as good as the CW series. Thanks for the review. It’s just convinced me further that everything I need from this series is with the hot actors–ahem, I mean, TV version. :D

    • Haha the hot actors are what drew me in to the show to begin with! I mean Ian Somerhalder? Hello!

      The books are definitely less than stellar, I think more so if you’ve seen and like the show because you have that expectation that it’s going to be as awesome as the show.

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