[Discussion] Define: How do you get out of a blogging ‘funk’?

A Book Related discussion.
Define:  Funk
A dejected mood.

Define: Reading Funk
A time at which you have no desire or drive to read anything.

Define: Blogging Funk
1. A time at which you have no desire or motivation to write any articles for which you will post on your blog.

2. You have no drive to read your favourite blogs or comment on their awesome posts.

I have been in a reading and blogging ‘funk’ since the beginning of the week.

I’m not sure why or how it started, all I know is I have no desire to read anything in my to be read pile right now. And every time I try to think of a topic to blog about I come up blank and walk away from my laptop. In fact, I haven’t even looked at any blogs since Monday.

I am in a complete and total reading and blogging funk right now.

This has not happened in my whole five month time of blogging!

Not that five months is a long time.

What am I to do? What can I do? I don’t know! So, I thought; Since I’m in a blogging funk why not use this as a post to write about? And I’ll see what everyone’s else’s tips are for getting out of these funks so then I’ll be able to jump back into reading and blogging faster!

Therefore: What do you do when every book you read the summary of doesn’t sound interesting? Even though you read said summary last week and was dying with impatience to read it while you waited for the book to arrive from the library?

What are your tricks to get you out of your reading or blogging funk?

I think I’m in a life funk as well. Seriously have no energy for anything. I’m dying to exercise, but when the time comes to go to the gym do I have any motivation to go? Nope… What a rut I have found myself in.

What do you do to get out of a ‘funk’?
How do you get yourself to the gym when you have no motivation to go?

Let me know your thoughts!

Miss J


7 thoughts on “[Discussion] Define: How do you get out of a blogging ‘funk’?

  1. As with all things, the more you put into it, the more u get out of it! Everyone needs a break sometimes, so take a few days to re-charge your batteries. Don’t think about it at all during those days do u aren’t stressing yourself out. After that, motivation or not, u just have to do it! The more u exercise, the more you’ll want to; the more u read, the more u’ll want to; the more u blog…u get the idea! Also maybe try setting some fun goals for yourself that you know uou’ll be excited to achieve. That can be a great kick-start. Everyone gets in a funk sometimes so don’t be too hard on yourself. Good luck! ;)

    • A break is definitely what I need! I’m feel like I’m still stringing along but I’m focussing more on enjoying reading books right now and hopefully getting the chance to write the review for them.

      Thanks :)

  2. I find reading funks really hard – I generally take a few days off reading completely and then try and go for a genre I haven’t read for a while, or reread something I really love. Hope you get out of yours soon!

    • Hmm that seemed to work. I stopped reading for a few days then picked up a book that I wanted to read, instead of what I had lined up in my reading pile…

  3. We shared the same funk! Maybe it’s contagious… I have been absent from blogging for almost two weeks and catching up on most of it this weekend… I just let it run its course and do something else… like watch movies I haven’t seen and wanted to.

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