[Arty Corner #2] Love to Read Bookmark

The ‘Arty Corner‘ is where I post arty things that I make for you to use. Such as; bookmarks, meme graphics and whatever else I come out with.

This is the second arty post that I’ve done. I want to do them more often but I’ve had a hard time being able to sit down and play around with Photoshop.

Love to Read Bookmark 
Click on the bookmark to open it in another window and save the file to your desktop. This file is big so when it is printed it comes out a decent size and is not bad quality. When the ‘print‘ screen comes up I adjust it to the size that I want it at so it’s not too big or too small. The one that works for me is landscape, 5 x 7 inches like this.

You can print out two copies, put them back to back using double sided tape and laminate them! Or printing them on photo paper works as well.

 I hope you enjoy!

Miss J


4 thoughts on “[Arty Corner #2] Love to Read Bookmark

    • Thanks, I’m still learning :/ I recently moved from Paint Shop Pro which is the less professional and cooler version. I’m having tonnes of fun making outer space pictures at the moment haha.

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