Feature and Follow #8

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Q: Books are turned into movies all the time! Turn it around. What movie would make a great book?

A: Ohhh so I can think of a T.V show that could be cool as a book series!

Revolution! A world where there is no electricity? Ohh the possibilities.

Ohh and don’t you just love Billy Burke in this T.V show? I can’t look at him as Charlie in Twilight the same way now haha.

What movie (T.V show in my case) do you think would be a good book?

Miss J

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19 thoughts on “Feature and Follow #8

  1. See a few TV shows! Surprisingly a few of them are already books. We knew about Buffy and Angel. But other shows like Roswell and Charmed and even Supernatural have their own media tie in series going on! Well Supernatural still does I believe. The other shows are long since over so they don’t have any new ones.

    Here’s my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Lovely blog.

    I really don’t watch movies so not sure what I could turn into a book, but the two books below would make good movies. Excuse my turn around of the question please.

    Giveaway going on at my blog for THE GIRL ON THE CLIFF.

    SOUTH OF BROAD by Pat Conroy, THE ISLAND HOUSE by Posie Graeme-Evans, or CITY OF WOMEN by David R. Gillham would make great movies.

    Silver’s Reviews

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