A New Year = A New Direction

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone the best for 2013, I hope you all take 2013 head on!

(It is currently the 1st of January here in New Zealand!)

Have you made New Years Resolutions? I have. I’ve never really seriously sat down and made them before. So this New Years I’ve written out my resolutions, I’ve made a plan and have set myself important monthly goals so I have something I can work towards. The goals have to do with my career in acting and what direction I really want to take my life. So I’m going to have to work hard to achieve these goals.

I always try and look at doing new things with this thought in my head:

Feel the fear; then do it anyway.

Mainly because I seem to find doing anything new or unknown, or meeting new people, going to places alone or really doing anything by myself terrifying. With my resolutions this year I know I’m going to be chanting this in my head quite a few times.

I’ve decided that if I don’t live life to the fullest now I’m going to regret it later. Which is a pretty obvious statement. I’m not exactly happy with where my life is right now, I’ve been rather lazy with it. And that’s mostly because of fear of trying new things and then failing or embarrassing myself. This year I really want to work hard and really live my life in a fulfilling way. I want to get out and meet new people, make new friends, experience new things, move forward with my career, make a happy difference in my life.

So in saying that, all of this really comes down to the next point:
To do all of this work on myself, my life, my career and my happiness, means something else has got to give. Unfortunately that will be blogging.

Blogging is very time consuming as you all know and I’ve realised I’m bad at juggling my time and end up putting all of my energy into one thing; which has been this blog. I was seriously considering to stop blogging all together. But in the end I decided that there was a way for me to enjoy blogging without letting it take over my life.

And that way is to drastically cut down the amount of posts I post up and to not let myself feel obliged to get a post up. If I don’t have one ready then I just don’t have one ready for that week. That’s alright. I will skip that post that week and not feel guilty. Easy as that.

I have decided that I am going to cut down my posts to one post a week:
– I will now only post one regular post every Friday NZST .
There will be a few exceptions like monthly recap posts which I won’t want to waste on my one-post-a-week day.

I will be active on goodreads, posting a small paragraph about what I thought of a book when I’ve finished it as I will probably read books that I will never write a review for. So add me on goodreads and check out my page every once and a while!

Therefore; I hope you are all living happy lives! And if you find you’re not then:
Change it.
Only you have the power to change the way you live!

And I am off to change my life!
Miss J



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