[Review #67] Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris Cover - Review Title: Dead to the World
Series: Sookie Stackhouse
Book four
Author: Charlaine Harris
Published: 1st January, 2004
Publisher: Ace
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Sookie Stackhouse is a cocktail waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She’s pretty. She does her job well. But she has only a few close friends, because not everyone appreciates Sookie’s gift: she can read minds. That’s not exactly every man’s idea of date bait – unless they’re undead; vampires and the like can be tough to read. And that’s just the kind of guy Sookie’s been looking for. Maybe that’s why, when she comes across a naked vampire on the way home from work, she doesn’t just drive on by. He hasn’t got a clue who he is, but Sookie has: Eric looks just as scary and sexy – and dead – as he did the day she met him. But now he has amnesia, he’s sweet, vulnerable, and in need of Sookie’s help – because whoever took his memory now wants his life.

Sookie’s investigation into what’s going on leads her into a battle between witches, vampires and werewolves. But there could be even greater danger – to Sookie’s heart – because this kinder, gentler Eric is proving very hard to resist.


On to the fourth book already!

Dead to the World was an easy read. This book featured Eric more prominently after he gains amnesia caused by a curse that a witches coven has placed on him.

There are just so many supernatural beings in Sookies world! Vampires, Maenads, Werewolves, Were-creatures (Including but not limited to were-owl’s, were-lynx’s, and were-panthers) and now we’re introduced to witches and fairy’s. A fairy named Claudine make’s an appearance claiming that she is drawn to Bon Temps because there has been a lot of unusual supernatural activity lately. I like to wonder what’s not possible in the world of Sookie Stackhouse.

Sookie has made it clear to Bill that their relationship is pretty much over because she can’t handle the way that he continuously hurts her. Bill doesn’t like this but respects her wishes. For most of the book he is absent because he has been ordered to go to Peru to continue researching for his vampire database this does cause Sookie to feel lonely since it is really her first time being completely alone, even her first time having an ex-boyfriend.

Eric isn’t cocky in this book which I admit is refreshing, this is because when he loses his memory he also loses everything that he is meaning his personality. How could someone be the same after having lost all of their memories that shaped them to be who they are? I loved that Charlaine Harris captured this. This appeals to Sookie because he is much nicer and she can actually stand being around him as a person.

I liked Eric in this book but at the same time I didn’t like him as much as I liked the arrogant, strong minded, I-don’t-give-a-flying-#@*& Eric. I think this has to do more with the ‘bad boy’ factor… Oddly enough I’m still on the Alcide band wagon at the moment even though he’s not on the cards right now. Ironically Alcide is not a bad boy and I prefer him that way. There’s just so many attractive qualities about Alcide. Sookie has so many men that she’s attracted to, I’m only on the fourth book so I’m trying to figure out how many she will have by the tenth book haha.

Jason was in this storyline more than he has been in any of the other books so far so that was nice to get to see Sookie actually communicate with her brother.

I found I really enjoyed this book, I liked it a lot more than the last one; it just held my interest more than the last book. And Eric is sexy. So very sexy. When it comes to Eric I do have to admit I picture Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Eric in True Blood.

Overall I can’t wait to read the next Sookie Stackhouse book! Everytime I finish one of these books I’m just dying to pick up the next one. Thinking about getting all the way to the last book in the series makes me feel extremely sad. I wish it wouldn’t happen! Luckily for me I’ve still got more than a few books to get through till that happens.

Miss J


2 thoughts on “[Review #67] Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

  1. These books definitely just fly by. The fourth was one of my favorites – Eric with no memory was so cute :) (Do you watch the tv show version? I was so happy when they followed that story line, but it was done much better in the book – of course.) Great review :) I’m glad you liked this one! I sort of fizzled on this series after book 8 or 9, but the early ones are great!

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