I’m one already?!

I’m One Already?!

By random circumstance I came to wonder today how long ago it was that I started Miss Book Reviews. As random as this thought was it just so happens that, in fact, today one year ago is the day I started MBR’s. Wow. Time creeps up on you fast. Today nearly came and went without me even realising or acknowledging it.

So: I am going to acknowledge that Miss Book Reviews has just turned one!
Happy Birthday Miss Book Reviews One Year Old

Yay for being one year old!

This year has been a pretty big blogging journey. I’ve definitely learnt a lot and read a lot of books. I’ve quite enjoyed it. I know I’ve slowed down a lot with only posting one post a week but thank you to everyone who still follows Miss Book Reviews!

Miss J


17 thoughts on “I’m one already?!

  1. Yay for you! Happy Blogoversary! The first year is truly the best landmark I think! Hope you have many more happy years to come!

  2. Happy blogoversary, Jordon! Time really does fly, doesn’t it, and it’s amazing how far you’ve come. I haven’t visited your blog in a while (whoops), so it was a shock to see that time had passed so quickly and a year had gone by already! Anyway, congratulations on reaching this milestone, and here’s to many more happy blogging years!

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