[Discussion] Oh you invisible eBooks

Why do I view eBooks as invisible?!

Because I can’t see the eBook sitting next to my bed waiting to be read… Let me explain.

I read eBooks on my Android tablet using the kindle app or Aldiko app depending on where I get the eBook from. It works. Thing is, when it comes to eBooks I usually forget or pass over the tablet and move to read a physical book that’s sitting right next to my bed instead.

Why do I do this?

Because I get books out at the library, and when I do I often overdo it by checking out twelve books at once. And only having four weeks to read those twelve books before they have to be returned means I need to read them first or I won’t get to read them at all.

The stack of books next to my bed…

And why do I check out so many books at once?

Because I can’t help it. There are just so many books that I want to read that I get too excited at the library and go check-out-crazy. Plus since I can’t see the eBooks sitting next to my bed I kind of push eBooks to the back of my mind and momentarily forget about them.

Also, I use the library a lot. I don’t often buy books due to money and space constraints. Which is fine for me because the library is free and my library is a part of a chain of libraries. Meaning if it doesn’t have the book I want to read then one of the other fifty libraries will, so I just request it to be sent to my library and pick it up when it arrives.

Therefore the eBooks I buy are either the free ones, the cheap ones under $2, the eNovellas, and sometimes if I really want to read a book and my library doesn’t have it due to it not being available to libraries; then I’ll buy it if it’s $5 or under. Leaving me very rarely buying eBooks.


At the moment I have forty six unread eBooks on my kindle app. FORTY SIX. What. The. Hell. It’s like I download an eBook then I just leave it. For what reason do I bother downloading it then?!

So I’ve decided that from now on I am going to challenge myself; I will alternate the books I read. I will read a physical book sitting next to my bed, and then I will choose an eBook I already have downloaded on my app. That way I will finally get to read all of these eBooks that I seem to be accumulating!

I have a feeling this will take most of the year to do, considering I read an average of seventy books a year…

So the queue of alternating books that I have planned out at the moment are:

The Testing by Joelle CharbonneauThrough the Ever Night by Veronica RossiEden by Keary TaylorBetrayals in Spring by Trisha LeighHallowed by Cynthia HandHaven 6 by Aubrie DionneScarlet by Marrisa MeyerPrince of Wolves by Quinn LoftisInitiation by Imogen RoseBloodlines by Richelle Mead

 These should keep me busy for a month or so.

Do you ever forget about the eBooks you downloaded because you can’t see them? Or do you prefer to read eBooks rather than physical books so find you keep pushing the books on your shelves further down the list?

What’s your trick when it comes to eBooks?

Miss J


17 thoughts on “[Discussion] Oh you invisible eBooks

  1. Ms. J, you’re still doing good with only 46 books on your Kindle app. I have over 350, and I’ve only ready about 20 of them. And let’s not mention the 150 books on my Nook, and the large stack of books I’ve checked out from the library. Oh and did I mention, I have about 10 unread hardbacks on my bookshelf? So you are not alone. I’m trying to think of some kind of reading plan that will help me put a dent in the numbers, but the fact of the matter is…I just need to stay away from Amazon…you know, stop buying and start reading. LOL

    • Haha whoa! That is a tonne of books! Yeah, I find myself perusing Amazon when I really should probably be reading the books I’ve already bought! I think I’m addicted to the library more than amazon though, I’m always putting books on hold so I have time to read them. At the moment I have 50 books on hold at the library… Sometimes I wish I could live two lives at once. One life reading non stop and the other socialising and actually going out to live it. At the moment I’m finding it really hard to balance my reading with my work life and social life.

      Good luck with getting through the massive stack you have there!

    • Wow! Yeah, definitely, good luck with those 70 books! I’ve kind of banned myself from visiting the kindle store lol. It’s helping, it’s the reason I don’t have more books to read on the kindle app!

    • They’re just so easy to download because you don’t have to find space for it on your shelves so it feels like there’s no limit, then you realise you have all of these books to read and no time to read them!

  2. Yup, this. I bought the Humble Ebook Bundle all the way back in October, and I have yet to read any of the books. Half the problem is library books with imminent due dates, and the other half is a stack of ARCs with imminent release dates. So the Kindle gets shunted aside.

    • Aww no! Library books are definitely my undoing to, I’m addicted to them. Once I’ve finished the stack of books I have checked out I find myself immediately requesting more… Sometimes eBooks just don’t have a chance :/ I can’t wait to make a dent in them though, it will have felt like I accomplished something!

  3. I don’t have an e-reader so I can’t really add my own experience to this, but I feel like if I did have one I would be the exact same way. There’s something about just being able to see a book sitting there, staring at your with it’s puppy dog eyes, that demands that you read it. Whereas with an e-reader, it’s so much easier to ignore! I hope your little challenge works out for you!

    • My thoughts exactly, and whenever I’m getting low on books beside my bed I end up jumping on the library website and requesting more so then I don’t even have time to slip in an eBook while waiting for those to arrive -_-

      Thanks! I’m hoping this little challenge will help me get through my eBooks!

      I do have to admit I like the easiness of carrying my tablet around with me and reading it wherever, rather than carrying a book and trying to figure out how I’m going to put it in my bag etc. But then when I look at the kindle paperwhite I really, really want one of those simply because it’s easier on the eyes!

  4. I like reading with my e-reader as it’s easier for me to carry it around,but because I have lots of ebooks (100+) that I haven’t read, I have to make a task list to make sure that I’m reading the books that I bought. I like to borrow library books too but with my existing pile of review copies, I have to refrain from placing holds on library books. I like your idea to alternately read the physical books and ebooks. Great topic for discussion, J! :)

    • Fair enough! And wow, 100+? awesome! Like I just said to Asti above, I also like the easiness of carrying my tablet around with me and reading it wherever. But since I have a tablet it usually hurts my eyes to stare at it for a long period of time and the battery dies fast, so I really want kindle paperwhite but then I would have one too many devices haha.

      It would be cool if they invented an ereader/tablet that could have the crisp quality screen for browsing the internet, doing work and computer-y stuff on it, and have all the functions a tablet and/or computer would have but then with a press of a button the screen turns into an ereader screen that reads and looks like a book so it’s easy on the eyes… Or perhaps there’s already another type of kindle close to that (Kindle fire?)? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never owned a proper ereader before!

      Aren’t there just so many books that you want to read?! It’s hard sometimes to try and figure out what to read next because I’m so excited to read all the options I have at hand haha.

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