[Sunday Catch Up] April 15th – 21st

Sunday Catch Up with Miss Book Reviews

[Sunday Catch Up is a weekly post where I look at the week in review]


This is my very first Sunday Catch Up post! This post is inspired by the many recap posts that nearly everyone is now doing (I love it!). These posts will recap the week on Miss Book Reviews as well as have anything else book related that I may wish to share; for example:

Book News: Where I will post interesting book related news that happened in the week.
Interesting Posts: Where I will link to interesting book related posts that I found in the book blogosphere.
MBR News: Where I will spill the secrets of Miss Book Reviews – Or inform you of new happenings.
Other News: Any news to do with anything!

Week in ReviewThis week was a quiet week for me in regards to posts going live. I was actually planning and sorting out some sort of schedule that I would like to follow from now on because I have a ton of reviews to get up but I want to mix up my posts with discussions and possibly other features or meme’s. I just have so many ideas that won’t form into words!

With winter nearly upon us here in New Zealand it looks like I will have more time on my hands than I did in the summer; meaning more time to write, brainstorm, comment and research for posts!

This week in review:

Discussion: Oh you invisible eBooks! (Not really considered this week but…)
Review Request: A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest
Feature & Follow
Book News

  • One huge lot of book news this week is that Veronica Roth released the title for book 3 in the Divergent series! So exciting! I have yet to read Insurgent because I didn’t want to painstakingly wait for book 3 to be published but now I’m thinking I will just have to deal; I’m going to read Insurgent very soon. Want to know book 3’s title? Highlight this: Allegiant.<<<
  • The Catching Fire teaser trailer was released. And wow. The emotions that arose in me while watching this were just… Well. Hopelessness. I felt an overwhelming sadness. The movie itself looks like it’s going to be awesome. I just love Jennifer Lawrence! What do you think of the teaser trailer?
  • The trailer for the new Romeo and Juliet Movie was released. I’ve only just heard about this movie actually and I have to say the trailer makes it look like a very dramatic, serious and epic film. I love that they didn’t modernize it. I also have to admit the language isn’t lost on me like Shakespeare usually is *Hangs head in shame*. What do you think of this movie? Do you prefer the modernized movie made in 1996 with Leonardo Di Caprio? Would you see this new Romeo and Juliet in theatres?
  • Seriously though; from watching the trailer I really want to see this adaptation if only to see the performances. Hailee Steinfeld (Juliet) looks rather young but I’m interested in seeing how she does. I saw her in True Grit, which I believe was her breakout film, and I liked her so I’m excited to see her in this. From looking at her IMDB page she is in HOT demand! So many up and coming projects. She obviously impressed other people in hollywood too.
  • And just after looking at Hailee Steinfeld‘s credentials I just realised she’s playing Petra in the Enders Game movie adaptation! I can be pretty slow sometimes…

I have to say that trailers always get me when they have a strong soundtrack. Every single one of those trailers I mentioned above have very strong soundtracks, the music sounds epic and just awesome. I find strong music in trailers make me feel emotional, even if it’s not a heart breaking video! Does anyone else feel that or am I just weird?…
In Other News...

In other news: Right now there’s a thunder storm outside that makes me want to switch off all of the lights and curl up in bed under the covers where I know I will be safe. Well at least I will feel safe.

I quite like thunder and lightning storms, we don’t get very bad ones in New Zealand so there’s never (well very rarely) any danger. They’re thrilling; when you’re not home alone or the only one left awake…

Which I am. Right now.

I’m the only person left awake in the house. Thunder storms can feel kind of scary when you’re experiencing it alone. Especially when the thunder is so loud it shakes the house. Which just happened. Maybe I take back my statement about liking thunder storms… Does anyone else feel the same way about this? No? Ahhh man.

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16 thoughts on “[Sunday Catch Up] April 15th – 21st

    • I’m super excited for Catching Fire! Haha I love who they cast for Finnick. I have to say Book one in the series was my favourite because there was a tad more action, but Catching Fire is definitely really good. So excited to see this movie!

  1. I love these weekly recap posts! Especially when they give you an extra glimpse at who is the person behind the blog.

    I don’t know how I feel about the new Romeo and Juliet trailer, but I’m at work so couldn’t really have the volume up while watching it so I might have to try again later, especially since you said the soundtrack is good. I think soundtracks make a huge difference for movies. I mean, just think about horror movies.

    And ooh thunderstorms. I personally love them. When I was little, my family would go and sit out on the front porch during a storm. Is that weird? There were never any dangerous ones where we lived, so we just really enjoyed the intensity of the storms. Maybe cuddling under the covers would’ve been a more normal thing to do though…

    • I like them for that reason too. Plus it was extra fun to write!

      I definitely feel soundtracks can make a huge difference for movies. Action films always have loud, bass-y music, sad movies have the music that helps you feel the emotions (At least I find with me it does) etc, etc. I find the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby makes me want to watch it more than the actual trailer. I even got the book out to read but I haven’t started it yet and I’m not 100% sure if I will… My taste in books and movies is weird. I never seem to like the classics or deep, dark and emotional books. And with movies I never seem to like the amazing movies that always seem to win the Oscar for ‘Best Motion Picture’…

      Haha ohh that’s so not weird! That’s cool! So little story: I live right next to the harbour. So our back yard has a view of the water across to the other side. So the other night when I got home from work (Just after midnight) I noticed there was a lightning storm (No thunder. How do those work? Sometimes I don’t get it). Anyway, there was a lightning storm across the water.

      Above our house there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and you could see the stars. But over the way the lightning storm was lighting up the sky in a frenzy. It was the most amazing lightning storm I have personally seen (Mind you I can’t say I’ve seen a whole lot and this storm didn’t have fork lightning or anything, just flashes of intense light).

      Except we could see above the clouds. Yellow flashes of light illuminated above the clouds and then every so often a blue flash of light would illuminate lower down inside the cloud. My brother was still up and we ended up grabbing some chairs and food and sat there for over half an hour just watching this lightning storm. It was pretty awesome to watch.

      • I agree with you on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Even the cinematography looks good in my opinion, like every shot could be a perfect picture. But for the actual storyline? I’m not really sure if I’d be interested. I wouldn’t mind seeing it just for that epic soundtrack though.

        And ha, I wouldn’t say your taste is weird. I don’t like classics either. I do like dark and emotional books though. I feel like I’m more weird because I generally don’t like romances or any story where love is the main plot. I feel like as a girl I should love such stories… but I don’t.

        Wow, that storm watching sounds amazing! I have never seen anything like it. I would definitely have grabbed a chair and joined you guys as you watched that. I could only imagine what it would look like!

    • I am so excited for Catching Fire! And I am definitely going to pre-order Allegiant when it’s on sale!! I prefer sunny weather too! And when the sky’s clear at night you can see the stars. I spent most nights in summer star gazing…

  2. I love Jennifer Lawrence, too- she’s so hilarious in interviews! I thought the Catching Fire trailer looked great, but I have to admit to being a tad disappointed that Finnick wasn’t in it. Here’s hoping that he’ll be in the next trailer!

    • I agree! I love watching her interviews! My god the interviews at the oscars?! Wow. Just wow. So many amazingly hilarious quotes! Haha she is so funny. How can anyone not like her?

      Ahh yes! I didn’t even realise until you pointed that out. Gah I love the character picture of him in the chair.

  3. Oooh, jealous of your thunderstorm! I love storms, but they seem so rare for where I live these days. I hope yours is long and enjoyable (and safe)!

    I saw that reveal video for the name of Divergent #3 and it made me laugh. Like, all this huge buildup, all this hype, and the name is so, so mundane, lol.

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