[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Books I thought I’d like more than I did

Top Ten Tuesday Hosted by the Broke and Bookish[Woo my first EVER Top Ten Tuesday post!]

Top Ten Books I Thought I’d Like More Than I Did

Glitch by Heather AnastasiuThe Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L. J. Smith - Miss Book ReviewsThe Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt - Miss Book ReviewsSomething Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard - Miss Book ReviewsHalf-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Miss Book Reviews

10. Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
I love science fiction and dystopian so when I heard about Glitch I thought I would love it. Alas it ended up being a DNF.

9. The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith
I love The Vampire Diaries TV show so naturally I thought I would love this series. But wow. Elena’s a bitch. Meredith only looks out for herself. Bonnie’s the only likeable character. Stefan’s weak and annoying. Stefan and Damon are chasing a girl that doesn’t deserve them. The characterization is weak. The plot is weak. And the whole freaking story arc of book 4 onwards is so confusing that it made me dizzy. You can tell I really didn’t like this series, and I seriously thought I would love it.

8. Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt
After reading the synopsis I thought I would love this, it  reminded of Vampire Academy in a way (With the whole falling for someone you’re forbidden to love etc). Yeah. I got bored very easily, put it down and then never picked it back up.

7. Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
When I was in my zombie phase I was so psyched to read this one, turns out I’m not a fan of steam-punk or Victorian times. I couldn’t get into it.

6. Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I loved Vampire Academy and since everyone was saying this was just like it I went into it hoping it was be a different take with different events. I came out liking this but not loving it. I found Alex to be too self centred and I really couldn’t get past her stuck up attitude. But I hear this series gets better, so of course I already own all the books that have been published and I’m kind of excited at the potential!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver - Miss Book ReviewsGravity by Melissa West - Miss Book ReviewsBreathe by Sarah Crossan - Miss Book ReviewsCity of Bones by Cassandra Clare - Miss Book ReviewsShatter Me by Tahereh Mafi - Miss Book Reviews

5. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Everyone loves this. Everyone raves about it. I thought I would too. Delirium made me incredibly sad and I don’t deal well when reading sad books. Therefore I just could not enjoy this one. I own Pandemonium so I skimmed it to see what happens so I wasn’t left too heart broken. I don’t know what happens in Requiem though and I really wish I did.

4. Gravity by Melissa West
Like I stated above I love science fiction, so I thought I would really like this. Well. I tried to like it. But something was keeping me from enjoying this and getting into it.

3. Breathe by Sarah Crossan
I was so excited for this book. So, so excited. But when I finally had a chance to read it, disappointment poured through me. Perhaps I wasn’t in the mood to read the genre? Perhaps I wasn’t in the mood to read? I just really could not get into this book. I hated the way the POV’s were written. I hated that ‘Girl A’ liked ‘Boy B’ but ‘Boy B’ liked ‘Female C’ but ‘Female C’ liked a guy that had just died, and that we as readers knew this yet the characters themselves had no idea and were pining after each-other. Yeah. I read the first few chapters and put it down so I don’t know what happens in regards to this so my representation is probably a little off. But this is one DNF’ed book that I may pick up at a time I am feeling like reading a dystopian with a weird love triangle/square thing.

2. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Every person on the earth loves this series. Yet it took me six months to read this book; the long descriptions gave me a headache. But I pushed my way through and have book two sitting in my TBR pile. I just thought I would agree with the world and love this book when I ended up only slightly liking it with the determination of reading the whole series.

1. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
So many people  rave about this book but I found myself incredibly bored, unattached to the characters, felt like it was insta-love, also felt like the plot was a slight rip-off of x-men and wasn’t sure why I continued reading. But then I was glad I did because the ending felt like it has a ton of potential for me to enjoy book 2. And I loved Warner. Warner is one villain that was written incredibly well. Plus the writing style was amazing. I just wasn’t a fan on the rest of the book. *Please don’t hate me!*

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20 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Books I thought I’d like more than I did

  1. I SO AGREE ABOUT THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! (Caps needed, I swear :D). I so so loved the first two seasons on the TV Show, so I decided to read the books and pretty much wanted to beat myself afterwards… All the goodness on the TV Show? None of it was in the books. And Elena really was a bitch. I’m kind of glad she’s compassionate in the TV Show.

    And I ended up liking City of Bones because it was one of the first fantasy books I read. Now that I look back at it, it’s a bit meh. Shatter Me was nice, but it really depressed me. And I agree about liking Warner as a villain. It still beats me why everyone wants him as a love interest… He’s just evil. He won’t do.

    I haven’t read anything else from your list, though. I’m still on the fence about Delirium, since I don’t like love being the main issue in a book. Is it any good, is it not… I have all these questions but no answers. Haha!

    Great list!

    • I reckon! I’m really glad that the T.V. show is only based off of the books, not following the books. I love the TVD tv series, it’s my guilty pleasure haha. I know I will be really sad when it ends, every season I wonder how they could go even further with the storyline and then wonder if that season is the last season. But then they go even further in the next season and I love it.

      The books? Really not the same. Have you read The Secret Circle written by L. J. Smith? I actually loved that book series, it was a lot better written than TVD.

      Yeah, I like Warner as a villain, not as a love interest. It would get weird. I have yet to read book 2 though so I’m not sure what happens there.

      I think Delirium is something you need to try out for yourself!

  2. Isn’t it weird how so many of the books we go in expecting to love just because others have raved about it or recommended it? Or maybe the genre is one we love? But in the end, reading a book is such a personal thing that there really seems to be no set formula on whether or not you’d like a book. There are some people out there who seem to be able to pick out books that they know they will love to read, but for me it’s always a hit or miss. I’ve only read one book out of these ten (City of Bones) so I can’t really input on either. But I have been curious about both Shatter Me and Delirium because of what everyone’s been saying. To read or not to read, that is the question…

    • I like the way you put that. Reading books is definitely personal. I usually pick up raved about books so I can join in on the ravings and have conversations about with people. But there has been more than one book that I’ve read and thought “What on earth does everyone else love about this book so much?! I don’t get it”. Then sometimes even though it’s highly raved and liked I won’t pick it up because the genre or the plot doesn’t sound like my thing. Then again there have also been a few books I’ve picked up thinking I wasn’t going to like them because of those reasons and they ended up being 5 star ratings from me. You just never know with books! And every person’s taste is different.

      Those people who pick out books they love either don’t try books they’re iffy about, they’re psychic and know beforehand they’ll love it, or they never review a low rated book/DNF. Or they’re just know what they like to read very, very well. I get lots of hits and misses, sometimes with books I thought I would love and other times with books I went in thinking I wouldn’t like it then turns out I was right.

      I definitely think give Shatter Me and Delirium a go, they were misses for me but I can see why other people would love them. I liked the writing style in Shatter Me because it was different but nothing else did it for me. And then with Delirium the only reason I didn’t like it is because it made me an emotional mess at the end haha, I don’t really enjoy being an emotional mess so I don’t often read books that make me one.

  3. I felt the same way about Glitch, although I pushed myself to the end…I don’t think I’d have the patience to persevere this year. I did enjoy Delirium, the first half I was wondering why there was all the hype but by the end I liked it…not loved it but definitely not too disappointed :) I’m wary of starting most of the others you’ve listed, especially Shatter Me, for each of the titles i’ve had a little voice in my head going, no way can this live up to the hype…although I did enjoy City of Bones, though City of Lost Souls left me feeling they way you described feeling about CoB. Great list.

    • I’m jealous you managed to finish Glitch! I really, really wanted to it was just too hard. I would put it down every 5 minutes…

      Delirium made me a mess! I really wanted to enjoy it but I was too bored by the beginning and by the end I was way too attached to the characters and really didn’t like what happened haha. I must be a wuss.

      Hmm I think go in to Shatter Me with low expectations and an open mind. That way you may just like it! I’m going ot read book 2 even though I wasn’t a fan of Shatter Me, but that’s because the ending of Shatter Me got me very excited.

      Interesting! There are some people who like me didn’t like CoB but said they loved the next two in the series then there are others saying they loved CoB but wasn’t a fan of book 4 and 5. The scale tips!

  4. I felt exactly the same way about Shatter Me. I’m not sure if it was just that my expectations were too high or something else but I spent the entire novel just waiting for it to be as great as I was lead to believe. Not exactly the book’s fault but I felt a little let down nonetheless.

    • It definitely wasn’t as good as all the hype. I definitely think the writing style started all the hype so as it went on more people expected it to be an amazing book. It wasn’t amazing by any means, it was just different. Well the plot wasn’t that different.

  5. I am also not an overly big fan of The Vampire Diaries. Was a bit bleh. That said I felt betrayed after reading it and then seeing the series. Wrong.

    Thanks for sharing your list!
    My TTT

    • I feel like the series took on board the ideas that the books wanted to portray but then expanded on those ideas, put more creativity into it, did more with it. The TV series is the same yet at the same time it really isn’t the same at all.

    • It sucks when you think a book is going to be great but then it really isn’t at all. Ohh interesting, I don’t think I know one person that has loved every single book in TMI series!

  6. I really like JLA, but I’ve never read her Covenant series. I’ve heard good things, though, so I will probably give it a chance. I didn’t realize until very recently that is similar to VA (another series I haven’t read yet!).

    Awww, sorry you didn’t care for City of Bones. I couldn’t put it down when I read it, and stayed up until 4 AM to finish it. But we all have different tastes.

    • I stumbled across JLA by all of the hype for her Obsidian series and then I discovered her Covenant series. Then I realised she looks like a really cool person in general.

      Ohh I recommend reading the Covenant series before VA! I loved VA a lot but because I read it first it felt like half-blood was a copy that didn’t have the rich expanse of the world and history, the fully developed characters, the high stakes, the strong heroine. But then I’ve heard that some people who read half-blood first didn’t like the VA series… So I guess go into both with an open mind!

  7. Shatter Me is one of my favorite books, but I agree that the writing in the first one is a bit too flowery at times. It’s not as bad in the second one, I promise! I just got Gravity from the library, but I’m nervous to read it. The Vampire Diaries look kind of cheesy to me. Nice list!

    • If you like TVD tv series, I don’t think you need to read the books. They’re very different and TVD book series isn’t very good.

      Good luck for Gravity! Lots of people have loved it but for some reason I just couldn’t enjoy it.

  8. Great Top ten tuesday, I love Vampire Diaries too (the show) but won’t go anywhere near the books. Delirium is great but just a 4 star for me, there’s other dystopians out there that are better.

    I have to agree with your thoughts on City of Bones, everyone is raving about it but maybe it was over-hyped cos I felt very ‘meh’ about it.

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