[Sunday Catch Up] April 22nd – 28th

Sunday Catch Up with Miss Book Reviews

[Sunday Catch Up is a weekly post where I look at the week in review]

Do you ever sit down and plan to write a few posts to schedule in the coming weeks so then when you’re busy at work or doing other things your blog doesn’t suffer? I had planned to do that this week, but wow I have been way too busy to even sit down and reply to comments let alone write posts. I’ve even been too busy to reply to messages friends let alone blog. Sometimes I do wonder if my time management skills aren’t always the best..

So this week and probably the next couple will be a little more bare than I had planned.
Week in ReviewOn Tuesday: Top Ten Books I thought I would like more than I did
On Wednesday:
[Review] Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins
On Saturday:
[Review] Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

Book NewsGraceling is being made into a movie!! This is news to me! I’m going to assume its news to other people as well. Graceling as a movie?! I loved Graceling, I loved the world, I loved Katsa and Po; mostly. I really do hope they don’t butcher the book, but I am super excited to see how it will be translated to screen! How do you feel about a Graceling being made into a movie?

Jennifer L. Armentrout revealed the blurb of her new adult book; Obsession, which is based in the same world as the Lux series!
In Other News...I finally received my pre-order of The Eternity Cure! I am so excited! I had meant to start reading it at the beginning of the week but I’ve been so busy that I’ve also hardly had a chance to read, so the book I thought I would have finished by then ended up taking a lot longer to get through.

How does everyone keep on top of writing posts and working/studying? I seriously feel like I’m the only one that sometimes has to cram a writing-post-session at midnight so I have a post for the next day but because I’m really fussy about the way my posts look, it takes me quite a time to have it ready.

This feels like a short catch-up this week. Hope your week has been less stressful!
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4 thoughts on “[Sunday Catch Up] April 22nd – 28th

  1. I go through phases. I usually at least have my posts written up a week in advance, as a buffer. Then if I have a whole week where I can’t get myself to do any blogging, I’ll be safe. I really like to try and have more posts done than that though! It’s slightly ridiculous. Like right now, I sort of have the month of May laid on out what I want to post, and am working through writing everything up. I’m not sure if this is the best idea because then when my posts are published I don’t even remember what they’re about… But I don’t like blogging when not in the mood and have some crazy OCD thing where I feel like I can’t just not have a post one day. Yesss…

    Oh, I haven’t read Graceling. I always meant to, but never got around to it. I’m not sure why. Of course, the fact it’s being made into a movie might give me the push to actually read it. It’s hard to keep up with all these book-to-movie adaptations that are happening!

    Hope this week is a little less crazy for you!

    • I used to have about 4 – 8 weeks of posts planned out/scheduled out but then Christmas and summer came around and I had less and less time to write posts in advance until all I had left were a few reviews… Now I’m having trouble finding time to type up different posts to schedule for the coming week let alone have a few weeks scheduled in advance :/ I usually prefer to have posts scheduled but lately I’m a bit behind.

      I don’t think its ridiculous at all to have so many weeks planned out, it gives you a little bit more time to visit and comment on other blogs and if you find a topic which is more relevant to that week then it’s really easy to move a scheduled post to another week and insert the new post. I definitely feel it makes blogging and life easier to balance out if you’re a little more prepared etc.

      Ohh I definitely recommend Graceling if you like Fantasty. I love that series, Graceling was my favourite but Fire and Bitterblue were just as good in their own right.


  2. Graceling as a movie? That’s exciting news!! :D

    I have a schedule for the blog tour stops but in relation to review posts, I don’t usually write up something way ahead of time. I think we all have our personal preferences… blogging is something I do for fun and the last thing I want is to feel frustrated because I couldn’t follow a planned schedule. But I’m always curious about how others manage their blogs. So, thanks for sharing. :)

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