[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Seven Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick Up A Book

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Top Seven Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick Up A Book

This list was surprisingly a little harder that I anticipated.


I admit that I love reading paranormal books on vampires. It’s probably one of my guilty pleasures, the only thing is sometimes it’s hard to find a good book on vampires, or a new idea that involves vampires. So while this would make me pick up the book it wouldn’t necessarily mean I would buy it.

Paranormal Romance

I usually enjoy all types of paranormal romance. It’s my go-to genre when I’m getting bored with other genres. I find half of the paranormal romance books are a hit but the other half are miss. Yet I still go back for more.

Science Fiction

I love science fiction so anything labelled science fiction I will pick up and give a go. Sometimes it’s too technical and science fiction-y, other times it’s too unrealistic and crazy. All the other times it is just right.


If the book is set in space, or on a spaceship travelling through space chances are I will give it a go. Although it doesn’t mean I will enjoy it. I can already think of a couple of books set in space or on space ships that I really did not enjoy. Still. I love space! I find it incredibly interesting.


I really enjoy dystopian worlds when written right. I will always try a dystopian book that sounds interesting.

‘It’s a fight for survival’

Ohhh why?  O_O

Fairy tale re-telling

I enjoy fairy tales. If it’s a re-telling of one then I will probably give it a go, I don’t always decide to read them though. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a re-telling more than a story based off of a fairy tale. meaning I want a different story with the fairy tale’s elements.

So my top ten this week is a top seven!

What are your words or phrases?

Miss J
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16 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Seven Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick Up A Book

  1. Ooh, vampires make it so I DON’T pick up a book! I have no idea why, but I’m just not interested in books about vampires. And I don’t think there’s any specific reason. I wouldn’t have even picked up Twilight if I knew it was about vampires (but sometimes I missed the summary on the back that stated “Edward is a vampire” doh!). I guess I just assume that they’re going to be cheesy? If it helps, I feel the same way generally about werewolves.

    I do like the phrase “It’s a fight for survival” though. Usually guarantees action and struggle!

    • Haha actually I’m not surprised! I don’t think I could see you reading a vampire book. I feel that way about werewolf books though, I just haven’t read a book based on werewolves that interest me so I stopped picking them up :/

      If a book ever has something about fighting for survival I usually will read it and have incredibly high hopes! Therefore a lot of those don’t meet my expectations…

  2. I totally agree about the vampires! When I started reading seriously in 2010, there were SO MANY good books to read, but now it’s a deadly struggle to find one that is not cliched from page one to the last. And I’m completely like you with paranormal romance. Sometimes it disappoints terribly, but I keep going back to it in times of desperation (I think that’s what people mean when they say ‘unhealthy relationship’ :D). I’m not really into Science Fiction or space, although I do like a well-crafted dystopian book. I’m not fond of fairy-tale retellings, though, since the only good ones I’ve read so far are Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles. The other one I read, Stands of Bronze and Gold, bored me to death. Grr.

    Anddd… ‘it’s a fight for survival’ has to be my favorite from your list!!! I enjoy when everything is at stakes. I demand struggle and good kung-fu moves.

    • I definitely think Vampires have died off a little (I didn’t even mean that pun… But you know what I mean). There was a time when it was all vampires and now because they’ve been done so much, so different and so often the new creative ideas are far and few between. Now its dystopia or science fiction or zombies. And I’m not sad about that because I like giving all of this topics a go.

      Haha it probably is an unhealthy relationship! I hope writers never stop writing paranormal romance, I hope it never goes out of fashion because it’s definitely the main genre that I love and will probably always love. It’s a broad genre but that’s the beauty about it, there are so many different and new ideas that are in that genre that I just won’t ever get bored of it, I hope.

      Hmm I’ve come across some retellings that I haven’t liked at all or bored me to death but then I’ve also come across some amazing retellings (The lunar Chronicles is one of them, also anything written by Juliet Marillier) so I’m on and off with that one. I usually like retellings that have something different and original in it, that are retellings but at the same time are so different you’ve not entirely convinced it’s going to finish the way the original tale finished. Those retellings are my favourite!

  3. Ooh fairy tale retellings! I forgot that one on my list, but I’m the same. I don’t get to read nearly as many of them as I’d like, but when I see something is a retelling, I just have to read the synopsis and maybe put it on my tbr list. :D Great list!
    My TTT

    • Same here! Although I like the re-telling variety like Cinder where it’s based off of the fairytale instead of the complete fairytale retold (Although I guess those aren’t ‘retellings’ are they?). Where there’s opportunity for something different and interesting to happen. Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier is my favourite retelling of the twelve dancing princesses, it isn’t a complete retelling and there is quite a bit different like there are only seven sisters, as well as a bit of the frog prince thrown in, kind of. But I loved it. I tried to like Entwined which is a retelling of the same tale but I DNF’ed it :( Hearts Blood by Juliet Marillier is also a really interesting retelling of Beauty and the Beast. But once again, I guess those would be more ‘Based off of’ rather than retold.

    • Me to! They’re interesting and have the opportunity to have different twists every new idea. I always find myself veering towards YA vampire books and always reading them, no matter what any reviews say.

  4. Vampires are sexy, who wouldn’t want to read about them? ;) I love science fiction and dystopia, together they are even more awesome. I had a really hard time making my list as well! I thought it was going to be easy at first…lol

    • Vampires are definitely my guilty pleasure, I just keep going back to them when I need something I know I will enjoy. Definitely. Sci-fi and dystopia together = awesome!

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