[Review #81] Belles by Jen Calonita

Belles by Jen Calonita Cover - Review Title: Belles
Series: Belles
Book one
Author: Jen Calonita
Genre: Contemporary
Young Adult
[Goodreads | Book Depository]


Fifteen-year-old Isabelle Scott loves her life by the boardwalk on the supposed wrong side of the tracks in North Carolina. But when tragedy strikes, a social worker sends her to live with a long-lost uncle and his preppy privileged family.

Isabelle is taken away from everything she’s ever known, and, unfortunately, inserting her into the glamorous lifestyle of Emerald Cove doesn’t go so well. Her cousin Mirabelle Monroe isn’t thrilled to share her life with an outsider, and, in addition to dealing with all the rumors and backstabbing that lurk beneath their classmates’ Southern charm, a secret is unfolding that will change both girls’ lives forever.


The Genre’s Chick Lit and Contemporary never really interest me. I usually have to be in the right sort of mood to want to read them. Well I was definitely the right sort of mood to read Belles! This book was full of fun.

Belles was a fun, light book to read. I read it because that’s exactly what I felt like reading. What I did not expect was to be moved to tears by it. I grew attached to both characters Izzie and Mira. This book was told from both of their points of views, at first it took me a few chapters to get used to the alternating POV’s but once I did I settled right into the story and was taken along for the ride.

I loved how different Mira and Izzie were and how different their worlds were, how they portrayed their world and how they portrayed each other. It was interesting and fun to watch. Watching each character grow and change was satisfying, getting to see them adapt to their new world and take control.

Belles drew me in and took me along for the ride, I’m glad I decided to pick this one up! I’m looking forward to reading the next book.

Miss J


11 thoughts on “[Review #81] Belles by Jen Calonita

  1. Ooh great review! I’m with you. I usually don’t read Chick Lit or Contemporary, just because it doesn’t interest me as much. I’m not sure how often I ever get in a mood to read one either. But it brought you to tears? I’m always a sucker for books that can make me cry. I’ll have to keep this in mind if I decide to try out a contemporary book some time!

    • I just went on a chick lit/YA contemporary requesting spree at my library o_o I just realised this past week that I think I need to read some books full of fluff with happy endings instead of cliff hangers. I’m rather surprised at myself because I still don’t usually go for those types of books… I guess I’ll see how I feel about them soon!

      Haha I have to admit that I can be a rather emotional person when it comes to anything with family problems or betrayal and the like (When the author gets me to connect with the main character that is). I mean I sometimes cry when watching movie trailers if the music is emotional and there are sad scenes on the screen… That kind of says something
      I think…

  2. Well, this looks like something interesting! The only time a book manages to make me cry is when it deals with a tough subject (abuse, etc). A little cold of me, I know, but it’s just the way I’m wired. And that secret that is mentioned in the summary intrigues me.

    • No way, I don’t think that’s cold of you at all! I can be an emotional person with the smallest things in books (I’m not that emotional in real life…), I’m not too sure why. So I usually can’t even go near a book with tough issues. I find it hurts too much to read.

      Belles was definitely a nice fluff book with character development and a twist at the end that was surprising. But at the same time Isabelles situation with her grandma and her old life made me emotional.

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  4. I really liked this one! It is a lot of fun to read :) I’ve been reading a lot more chick lit/contemporaries lately, but it’s a complete mood thing for me, as are any genres, I have to be in the mood for them. I’m glad you liked this! Winter White is pretty good too! I didn’t realise that the third one was out! So I’ll have to read it!

    • I have to be in the mood to read the contemporary/chick lit genre’s too! I actually steered clear of the genre until recently, at the moment I feel like I really need to read some fun, light and entertaining books. I need to get to book two and book three soon I think so then I can finish off this series!

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