[Sunday Catch Up] April 29th – May 5th

Sunday Catch Up with Miss Book Reviews

[Sunday Catch Up is a weekly post where I look at the week in review]

Another full on week! Another failed week of non written discussion posts. I seriously have a whole list of discussion post ideas in my head. Just no time to put them on paper…
Week in Review
On Tuesday: Top Ten [Seven] topics that make me pick up a book
On Wednesday:
Cover Reveal for  Deadly Gamble by Shirley Kennedy
On Saturday:
Review of Belles by Jen Calonita
Book to Movie News - Miss Book Reviews
Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield introduce the date for the release of the trailer to Enders Game! I’m actually rather excited to see how this film will be adapted to screen, in this day and age we have the technology for it to look extra cool and believable. I really liked the book, I did feel like some of it was over my head at the time, but I still enjoyed it.
Book to Movie - Miss Book Reviews[I decided to put this under a different title as this wasn’t released in the past week]

Soo I think I may have been the last book blogger to have seen the complete Mortal Instruments Trailer… Seriously… I only just remembered to youtube it to see if it was out…. Slow much?

Wow. The trailer looks action packed. So action packed that I seriously wonder if they fit the whole movie into the space of  2:32… Don’t get me wrong, it looks exciting, it’s just there is so much going on in the trailer that it makes me wonder if the movie will be ten hours long. I get that feeling because there are so many different scenes, different snippets and different locations that I’m guessing this movie is going to be fast paced and all go, go, go, or just long in length.

I’m definitely excited to see it! But I’m also thinking I should read City of Ashes first just in case the end of the film gives away something to the next book.
In Other News...After reading a lot of people’s top ten lists about what words or topics make them pick up or buy a book this week, I suddenly wanted to read books with happy endings, are probably full of fluff, and generally just make me feel good or happy. So I requested a bunch of books from the library that sounded like just what I needed. Now I have seven books to read before going back to my original TBR pile…

Now. Recently I have seen this certain acronym around a lot. I mean a lot. And I have no idea what it means. None of the posts or comments that have it first mention what it means, they just throw it in a sentence and assume everyone just knows. Well I must be the only person that is clueless so when it’s sitting there in the middle of the sentence I stop and spend a good amount of time trying to figure out what on earth it stands for. As of this moment I still have no idea. I’m obviously not very good at putting clues together. Or using google.

The acronym? HEA.

Soo I have H-something E-something Attraction?
Head-over hEels Attraction?
Huge Enormous Attraction? Err…
Hype rElated Awesomeness?
Hyped Earful Attraction?…
I definitely feel like I’m completely off the mark here. And possibly stupid for not having figured it out yet…

If someone could please enlighten me on this that would be amazing. I’m feeling a tad silly having no idea what everyone talks about when they say ‘HEA’ and then go on to have full conversations on the HEA of characters or topics…

P.S. If you’re wondering why I never post the actual trailers or other video’s  in the posts it’s because unfortunately as I am not self hosted yet wordpress.com does not allow it due to security reasons.Follow MBR on Bloglovin'

Miss J


13 thoughts on “[Sunday Catch Up] April 29th – May 5th

  1. Take a deep breath – I think I was the last blogger who watched the Mortal Instruments trailer. I watched it just now (didn’t know there was a new one). But I agree with you that it seems great. I hope the movie is just as amazing. I’m really glad that there are a lot of action scenes. And Jamie looks good as Jace (beats me why everyone was so against him at first).

    And good luck with the discussion posts! I can never think of one even if my life depends on it. Or if someone is beating me over the head with a baseball bat.

    And HEA – Happily Ever After. A few months ago I didn’t know what that was either, so I Googled it :D

    • Oh. My. God. Happily Ever After. I am such an idiot!! Ahaha. Of course. And I could have googled it… Thank you for the enlightenment!

      The trailer looks amazing, I really like Lily Collins in this. Yeah, I have a feeling people just didn’t think he looked like Jace. I was surprised when I first heard the casting but after seeing that trailer I’m excited to see him play Jace. Heck I’m excited for the whole movie!

    • Yeah! The wolves looks cool as well. But I also felt like there were new things in the trailer that I don’t remember reading in the book. I definitely think I will read City of Ashes and possibly City of Glass before the movie just in case.

  2. Ooh, I’m very excited about the release of City of Bones movie and I’m glad you finally got to watch the trailer. I do hope they make an awesome movie and I’m so, so excited abou Divergent as well. I get confused with acronyms as well such as TBH, and HEA was definitely on the list once.

    • Same here! I’m very interested in seeing how the actors do, so I’m rather excited! Ahh I am so excited about the Divergent movie! I hope they don’t butcher it :/ Although I think that’s something everyone hopes when they decide to turn a book into a movie.

  3. When someone posted on my TTT, they wrote HEA and I was with you. I had no idea what that meant. Luckily, I think they went on to say something like “I want everyone to end up happy” and it clicked. Otherwise, I’d be with you and totally clueless. It is funny you didn’t realize that’s what it stood for though since right above that you said you wanted books with happy endings! So you wanted HEA too, you just didn’t realize it! ;)

    I get what you mean about the Mortal Instruments trailer. It does seem action packed and it makes you wonder how long and crazy it’ll be. I’m optimistic about it though. If anything, it’s been so long since I’ve read the book (or at least it feels like it) that it’ll be nice to get a refresher (so hopefully they stick to the storyline in the books).

    Oh oh oh. Before I go, you CAN put trailers or YouTube videos in your WordPress posts even though you’re not self hosted. I did in my book trailer post before I switched over to my own host. If I remember correctly, you just paste in the youtube share link (like http://youtu.be/hrVl6pq1gNE) and then when you post it it appears in your post. You don’t have to paste any code except the link, and the video won’t show up in your post box when creating the post but should once published (or if you click preview post). Hope that helps!

    • Haha ahh man, I do feel rather silly that I didn’t put it together! And yeahh, the irony of that is funny. Blind. So blind!

      I’m very interested in how the movie will end considering how book one ended, I haven’t read book two or three yet but I accidentally read a comment on someone’s review of book one and they leaked the twist (Which is one reason I now stay clear of reading comments that aren’t on my own reviews :().

      Ohhh, you are amazing! You know what? That rings a bell and I think I totally knew that, but I had just completely forgotten because it’s been a prettyyy long time since I tried putting a video in my posts. Thanks for the help!

    • Ahaha I feel kind of silly not having worked it out myself! But I can be very slow most of the time sometimes.

      I am definitely excited to see TMI! I really hope the trailer isn’t a compilation of all the best bits, I hate it when trailers do that.

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