[Sunday Catch Up] May 6th – May 12th

Sunday Catch Up with Miss Book Reviews

[Sunday Catch Up is a weekly post where I look at the week in review]

What a week. Busy. Raining. Cold. Work was stressful. Class was motivating.

I have read quite a bit this week! I received the stack of chick lit and contemporary books that I requested from the library last week, on Monday, so I’ve powered through those. They’re surprisingly easy to read. But also I found it a little hard to really love any of them. I’ve never really read stand alone books before, because when I do I’ve never really felt like there’s a reason to get invested into the story since it’s just going to end at the end of the book. I have weird logic.
Week in Review

On Wednesday: Review of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laine Taylor
On Friday: Cover Reveal for Secrets of the Moon by Kristi Centeno
On Saturday: Review of Eona by Alison Goodman
Book News - Miss Book ReviewsJennifer L. Armentrout revealed the cover for her new Adult book Obsession, which is based in the same universe as her Lux series. I’m not sure if I will get to this book as at the moment I’m not a huge reader for the Adult genre. That cover though? o_o

Veronica Roth has revealed the cover for Allegiant. Oh my goodness, I have to say I really love the colours they’ve used!

Lauren Oliver announces that unfortunately the Delirium TV pilot was not picked up by Fox TV. It’s sad news to hear that.
Book to Movie News - Miss Book ReviewsThe trailer for Enders Game has been released! See below [Thanks to Asti for informing me on how to add videos to posts!]

What do you think? Have you read the book? I’m excited to see what they’ve done but a little disappointed we didn’t really get to see inside the ‘Game’ that Ender plays.

I’m definitely excited to see this!
In Other News...

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there! Are you doing anything special with your mum or your family? My mum’s currently visiting my grandma so when she gets back we’re just gonna do dinner.

At the beginning of the week I was powering through books, now all I want to do is watch T.V… But since I have so many books out from the library I really need to read them. I’m just finding it hard to pick up another one at the moment :/

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4 thoughts on “[Sunday Catch Up] May 6th – May 12th

  1. I haven’t read (or honestly even heard of) Ender’s Game until recently when everyone started talking about the movie. Does that make me a bad person? Should I add it to my TBR list? (Oh, and your welcome for the video reminder!)

    Dinner for Mother’s Day sounds perfect! Sometimes it’s nice just to set aside time for each other, since it’s so easy to take each other for granted! I’m working all day so there’s nothing planned for Mother’s Day on my side. Boo! My mom’s birthday is in two days though so maybe I can work out something then. Either way I’m getting her a gift, it’s usually just nice to do something more!

    Oh and go you with the contemporary/chick-lit books! You’re a braver soul than I! I don’t mind trying one every once in a while but it sounds like you’re going through quite a few! Maybe that’s why you rather watch TV? You didn’t think the books were that bad but secretly your brain is screaming for dark stuff! :P

    • Not at all, I stumbled across this series when I was in my sci-fi phase, otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of it at all either. And at the time a lot of the book still went over my head; and that was only last year. This series is pretty old I’m sure, and I’ve been meaning to get to book two in the series but I still haven’t gotten there because I know it will be complicated, and maybe confusing but very science fiction heavy. I like the idea of Sci Fi, but I also haven’t read such a sci fi heavy book since this. I think if you like science fiction and perhaps politics as well I definitely recommend it. It’s definitely an amazing read if you’re interested in it.

      It was nice! When we were younger we used to clean the crap out of the house as her gift so she could just chill out. This year my brother washed her car and I bought her a present and cooked dinner. Aww gift’s are still nice though! I bet your mum loved whatever you got her! I hope she had a good birthday too!

      Haha yeahh, I burned out with the chick lit and wondered why I thought requesting so many would mean I would still want to read them after having read a few. I mean sometimes I just want to read a light and fun book that has a happy ending, a overall message and won’t go anywhere after the end. But I’ve discovered reading one of those is enough… I haven’t picked up a book since Sunday because of this :/ Gooo Jordon. Smart move.

  2. I don’t read contemporary too often but was in the mood to try out a few titles I’ve had my eye on for a while. So far, it hasn’t worked out all that great. I have to get really invested in the characters to enjoy these types of reads, and I wasn’t able to do that at all with the two books I read. I have one more out from the library, and fingers crossed that it won’t be three strikes in a row.

    Too bad about the Delirium pilot not getting picked up; I was quite curious to check it out. I’m actually a little surprised, considering some of the other stuff that does make it to TV.

    • I too am finding it hard to get invested in the characters! The books I picked seem to be too light for the light reading I had intended. Maybe I wasn’t looking for a light read but perhaps more a heavier book with a happy ending (or HEA, since I just learnt what that meant ha)? That sounds better and way more interesting. I hope you enjoy your third contemporary though! Hopefully it isn’t another miss :/

      I too was surprised, there is definitely a lot of crap on tv. But apparently that crap gets watched :/ But then again I always seem to like tv shows that everyone else doesn’t because networks are constantly cancelling the tv shows I enjoy, it makes me sad. On a positive note: True Blood starts back up soon! Eek I am sooo excited! I love True Blood, and after the last season Oh. My .God. I am dying to know what happens! I mean I’m up to book eight in the Sookie Stackhouse series I haven’t stumbled over this storyline yet, so I wonder if it’s in later books or perhaps it’s a storyline the tv show writers made up?

      Anyway, I digress. Yes. It sucks to hear Delirium wasn’t picked up :(

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