[Sunday Catch Up] May 27th – June 2nd

Sunday Catch Up with Miss Book Reviews

[Sunday Catch Up is a weekly post where I look at the week in review]

This whole week has been a blur. Not because I’ve been busy (Well I have been, but that’s not the point), but mostly because I’ve felt tired all week and feel like I’ve been on autopilot… Sometimes you just feel burnt out and want a week or two to get everything back in order.
Week in Review

On Tuesday: Review of The Eternity Cure (Which I LOVED)
On Thursday:
Review of Taken at Dusk (I highly enjoyed with a few frustrating aspects)
On Saturday: Review of the four Throne of Glass eNovellas (You will have to read this to hear my opinions; overall: pretty meh)
Miss Book Reviews NEWSI am going to start posting a new feature next week! It’s called [I Admit:] and is basically a more candid discussion post where I admit my bookish opinions on a variety of topics. The discussion posts are more personal opinionated rather than a view coming from all sides.
I Admit - Miss Book Reviews FeatureThis post won’t be weekly as I will be mixing these in with regular discussion posts, or rather regular discussion posts will branch off from these personal posts.

In Other News...In other news: I still have to urge to go travelling around Europe and live in Paris and learn French. So I’m still feeling wildly unrealistic.

I bought new lipstick the other day! Fact: I have never bought lipstick before. I do not know why I have never bought lipstick, I own crappy $2 red lipstick which I needed for my ballet recitals when I was younger (Which was bought for me). So I would wear that and try to pull it off. It didn’t really work though because it was just horrible, cheap lipstick. So when I found there was a deal for two lipsticks for the price of one I decided to try them out.

[‘Love That Pink’ lipstick colour] My exaggerated ‘duckface’. My jaw hurt for quite a while afterwards because of trying to hold that face…

Note: I do not normally make such faces in photos haha.

I’ve been a little slack in my acting class recently, mainly because I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding scenes to get up and do. So if anyone has seen any good scenes for a female around the age of 15 – 25 (Apparently I can pull off those ages, ten years seems to be a lot though…), flick me a comment or an email to check out the episode/movie you saw it in! I’m seriously dying over here. And we only perform it in front of the class, the class is a little like a scene class.

Hope you’ve have an awesome week!

Miss J

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Miss J


6 thoughts on “[Sunday Catch Up] May 27th – June 2nd

  1. Oh no! Doesn’t sound like a fun week at all. I hate when I just feel drained and empty, with my body going on without me really being into it. Lame. Hope this week gets better for you!

    Love the new feature idea you’ve come up with, and look forward to seeing your posts! I love reading about personal opinions on all things bookish. It’s always interesting to compare thoughts and to learn a little bit more about the blogger. I’ll definitely be stopping by!

    Wildly unrealistic? I’m sure you could make it real if you wanted. I still think my studying abroad is a bit unrealistic but hey, with a load of student loans anything is possible! I may be hating myself later on in life, but I can’t see myself going back now. Going after the crazy sometimes is worth it (or at least in my experience).

    Oh, and the lipstick looks good! I’m not a make-up person and would probably think I look ridiculous in any sort of lipstick, but I think it suits you! (Of course, you are making a duckface so what do I know?)

    Good luck with the acting class (because I am of no help) and hope you having an amazing week as well! :)

    • Haha yeahh, it’s been one of those weeks. Thanks :)

      I’m a little nervous for the new feature! Admitting things is scary.

      I guess I mean it would be wildly unrealistic for me to move to France, I most likely just want to go on vacation to France. Realistically it’s definitely possible to move to London and travel from there on weekends and days off from work etc. I think I could do it if I started seriously thinking about it and saving for it. After all three of my cousins have moved there in the past year just so they can work and then travel. I’m very jealous they all had the courage to do it! The thought of doing it alone scares the crap out of me.

      I definitely think studying abroad is a really cool thing, I highly doubt you will regret it later in life! As for being unrealistic? No way! You’ve already got things planned and you leave soon! If I had the chance to study abroad I would lunge for it. Going back to study has also been playing on my mind recently, but I wouldn’t have a clue what to study so I know the thought only stems from wanting to start doing something that will lead me to more places. Perhaps I’m in the middle of a quarter life crisis? haha.

      Haha thanks. Yeah I kind of learn the make up thing as I go. It’s fun to experiment!

      Thank you!

      • Quarter-life crisis? I really do believe that needs to be a real thing these days! I had mine! I think part of it is just that we are given so many options that when we’re finally adults and looking at all we can do it’s just overwhelming. And with so many options you have to constantly wonder if you’re doing the right thing or what other things might actually be better. And then part of you just wants to say screw it off and be adventurous. But the sane part of you says don’t do it because it costs money and you’re an adult and don’t have time for that and CHAOS! Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what’s going through your mind, but that’s what it was like for me!

        I think no matter what it’s scary. If you would’ve asked me two years ago if I would up and go to London to study I’d laugh in your face and call you crazy. It was my quarter-life crisis that changed all that and just made me decide to go for it. I’m sort of at the point where I’m realizing I’m getting old (ew) and that if I don’t do things now I might never get the chance because at some point I’ll turn into one of those robot adults who go to work, come home and eat, sleep, and go to work again. That sounds so depressing. I want to live a little first.

        Anyways, sorry for hijacking your post and then rambling like a madwoman. I just feel like I can relate to what you’re going through! I wish you the best and if you ever need someone to bounce craziness off on, feel free to email me!

        • Gahh omg that is exactly how I feel right now! Half of me wants to change things up and do something completely different, do something crazy, but the other half is like ‘Whoaa, hold on, just chill for a second will ya? Do you really want to move to France? Or do you just want a change?”. I definitely feel like I need to change things sometime soon before I get older. Otherwise I’ll regret my younger years and wonder why I let fear hold me back! I have to keep remembering that I think.

          That does sound depressing! And to be honest that is exactly what I’m doing right now. Thing is my job isn’t very high paying, I have no degree to back me up (Except a diploma in acting), and I don’t know what else I can do right now. I don’t know what else I want to do. Acting is such a hard industry and I love doing it, but something’s holding me back from really pushing myself to get in there.

          I hope you have fun living life though! Doing that in an exotic country just sounds amazing, you’re incredibly brave to do something like that! I really should take a leaf out of your book.

          Thanks :) It’s nice to know I can talk to someone who won’t find my ideas crazy!

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