[Review #94] Messenger in the Mist by Aubrie Dionne

Messenger in the Mist by Aubrie Dionne Cover - Review Title: Messenger in the Mist
Author: Aubrie Dionne
Genre: Fantasy
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Two factions on the verge of war…A countryside overrun with beasts…A love tested against duty…

Star, a messenger for the Elite Riders of Evenspark, races through the misted countryside delivering correspondence to the bordering Fortress of Ravencliff. The route is haunted by the mysterious beasts that lurk in the moors. Star risks her life for the hope of relocating her parents, for the glory of her illustrious career, and for an unrequited love.

On one such mission, Star discovers she carries plans for the assassination of Prince Valen of Ravencliff – the man who has captured her heart. Weighing love against livelihood, she must decide what’s more important…the safety of her country or her love for the Prince, who is betrothed to Princess Vespa of Evenspark.

With the mist is rising, enabling the Elyndra to gather and threaten the borders of both kingdoms, Star must unravel the mystery of their existence and forestall a war.


When I picked up Messenger in the Mist I really had no idea what I was about to read, but I’ve liked Aubrie Dionne’s other books so I decided to give this a go. I’m really glad I did because I really enjoyed this book. It was a different type of fantasy, it was sweet and fun but also scary and the world was very interesting.

The mist rules the world, it keeps the kingdoms caged in and frightened of leaving their walls. It has always been like this. The Mist covers the land and in it are terrifying winged beasts that snatch you up and carry you away. All the kingdoms have sent out journeymen to try and discover other lands uninhibited by the mist but they’ve never returned. The kingdoms protect themselves by their own means. Evenspark have caged themselves in with windblowers that blow the mist away from all sides and keep everyone safe from the beasts, Ravencliff has is a fortress surrounded by walls so high the mist cannot reach that far up.

Star is the head of the messengers in Evenspark. She travels through the mist to deliver letters between the two kingdoms. In Ravencliff she is always excited and hoping for letters addressed to the royal family so she can see the prince, never in her wildest dreams would she think her infatuation with him would go anywhere. But then she uncovers a plan of treachery and assassination towards Ravencliff’s royal family and she finds herself thrown into an adventure.

I really liked this story, it was sweet in places, exciting in others. The idea of a mist covering the land with beasts that live in it is such a cool and awesome idea! I almost wanted more of the story with more twists and turns just so I could read more of this world. The idea did remind me of the playstation one game Legend of Legaia, except this was a little different and I still liked how it turned out,

Fallon was my favourite character. I find my favourite characters are always the sarcastic, witty and entertaining ones… Fallon was funny and charming, although I really wanted more of him. I wished he had more page time because I felt like I could have grown to really love him but since he wasn’t in it for a whole lot of time I didn’t get to see him. And the scene where Star first meets him? I just knew he was going to be a main character in this story. I mean he was shirtless and sounded aloof which to me portrays sexy… No point in getting readers excited for nothing.

I liked the way everything turned out, except I wanted more in the middle of the book, more between Star and Fallon, more tension and interaction, more attraction. I also wanted a little bit more depth and more time for the romance to really grow and develop. For me I kind if knew where the romance was going but then we get to a point in the story and it gets intense too fast and I felt like it hit me over the head with a bat simply because I hadn’t quite put the pieces together. It didn’t quite feel like it had developed enough to get to that stage. The journeying in this story was exciting but I felt like it took no time at all to get anywhere. The sense of time wasn’t quite right. I never felt like it had been days of travelling or waiting, it felt more like an hour of time had passed.

And then it only took Star and Fallon a matter of days to travel to where they were heading yet all of the journeymen the kingdoms had sent out years a go never made it back? Sure those journeymen probably all died and that was the reason why they didn’t return, but I do find it hard for my suspense of belief to stretch so far to believe not a single one was able to return with information. I feel like the travelling needed to be longer, it needed to be weeks of travelling for me to be satisfied and for it to be believable. I also don’t believe no one would have ever dared to travel north, in the direction the mist was coming from, it only makes logical sense to do so earlier. These little things did irk me but it didn’t stop me from really enjoying this book!

Overall Messenger in the Mist was a nice light fantasy read that kept me entertained. I say it was light but it did get me invested in the characters and the storyline, it just felt a little short for me to really love it and for the world or plot to get very complex.

In Summary:
– This story was interesting and I really liked the idea of the mist. I liked the world this story was set in.
– Fallon was my favourite character, he was witty and sarcastic and overall entertaining and attractive. But I really wished he had more page time in the story.
– While I did enjoy this book I did feel like the stretch of my suspense of belief couldn’t quite reach to the places the author intended, making me question a few things.

Miss J

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