[Review #95] Winter Omens by Trisha Leigh

Winter Omens by Trisha Leigh Cover - Review Title: Winter Omens
Series: The Last Year
Book two
Author: Trisha Leigh
Genre: Paranormal, Science Fiction
Young Adult
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Althea and Lucas barely escaped the Others’ clutches in the autumn, and were separated in the process. Alone and on the run from the cruel alien race determined to exterminate her, Althea struggles to adapt and survive in a world she never imagined. 

When a boy named Pax appears out of nowhere, he quickly recognizes Althea for what she is – a human/Other hybrid just like him. Althea begs him to help her find Lucas, but Pax refuses, intent on following his own mysterious agenda. 

The Others’ presence continues to devour the planet’s resources, and if history is an indication, they won’t leave until Earth is destroyed beyond repair. Althea and Pax sense the only way to save themselves – and maybe their home – is to understand the powers simmering inside them. 

Together they push the limits of their capabilities in the quiet Wilds, but are soon confronted with a terrifying fact: no place is safe from the relentless pursuit of the Others.

Least of all their own minds.


Winter Omens was even better than the first book in the series, Whispers in Autumn. I was captivated right from the start, I felt like this book was faster paced in the writing than Whispers in Autumn which was something that I remember slowed Whispers in Autumn down for me. At times I did feel like it was a little tough to get through, like chewing on a tough steak and it takes you a while to finish it, but that never deterred me from reading on.

In the beginning of Winter Omens Althea has woken up in her Winter home base in Iowa, since the pack she had ready and packed back in her Autumn home base was now useless as she had woken up in another season, she very quietly and quickly grabs food and blankets she would need in the wilds. She knows she needs to go there to escape out of the reach of the Others. She was upset and angry that she was now separated from Lucas, whom was winter, and they never travelled to their own seasons. But she was determined to survive, she’s just not sure what to do next. Even though there isn’t much action at first I felt excited and thrilled to read the beginning because of the writing style and the fact I really had no idea what was going to happen next.

This book had an Ashes‘ feel minus the flesh eating zombies, as Althea and Pax roam the ‘Wilds’ trying to get to Portland all the while looking out for the Others (An Alien entity that took over earth years before Althea was born) and trying not to get killed. Althea is determined to figure out a way to get to Lucas but knows that she must travel to Portland to help Pax first, otherwise Pax would never agree to help her and her crazy plan of trying to save earth and the humans from the Others. The way Trisha Leigh reminded us of the events in book one was nice and subtle, she didn’t list down what had happened but instead slipped it in with Althea’s train of thought. I liked the way this was done.

I thoroughly liked Pax. Simply because he was a refreshing character in contrast to Lucas. Although I remember I never really warmed to Lucas, Lucas felt too much like a cardboard cut-out. Whereas Pax was sexier, badass, exciting and had more of an attitude and personality. It was fun to read his and Althea’s interactions. And with all the tension flying around them I simply couldn’t help but fall for Pax. This is a love triangle done right. This is a triangle that I know may just put me through a lot of pain through the next two books!

Winter Omens had me reeling near the end, it made me emotional and I just can’t stop thinking about how it snuck up on me. It hurt. But then it was amazing. And now I just can’t stop thinking about this book!

I definitely recommend you give this series a go. I was a huge fan of book one and book two was a hell of a lot better!

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