Hiatus: Story of My Life

Miss Book Reviews is on a Hiatus

Soo I’ve been missing for a few months now. Missing from this blog that is, not literally missing. Thank god. That would have been awkward.

Why? Well, honestly? I completely ran out of energy for this.

I like reading. I still read. I still visit goodreads. I just stopped book blogging. I had fun book blogging. Right up until I realized it was consuming my life and that it had become my life.

At the time my life was all: How many books can I read in one week? Work. How many reviews can I write up in one go? What topics can I discuss? How many comments did I get on this post? Work. How many blogs have I visited today? Why do half of the comments on my posts feel computer generated/generalized? Am I even interesting? Does anyone actually read this? Work. What books do I need to catch up on? Should I DNF this book or push through it? Work. Why is no one commenting on my posts? Work. Crap I haven’t scheduled a post for tomorrow! Work. Why does this take so much energy? Work. Work. How does everyone else have the time to post so often AND visit other blogs? And then leave detailed and meaningful comments?! Work. Work. Work. How does everyone else book blog and live their lives?!

So I decided to, just… stop. Altogether. Stop.

I just couldn’t hack it. I had no more energy or drive to log on to my email for this blog let alone log on to Miss Book Reviews and write this post stating how I would rather live my life than read my life away.

And that is exactly what I felt like I was doing: Reading my life away. As much fun as I have reading about other characters’ adventures I realized I would have more fun living my own adventures, making my own story, creating my own work or something of that nature. So something had to give.

Miss Book Reviews started to feel like the one thing that made me interesting. And that was a bad thing. When people found out that I wrote a blog they suddenly became super interested and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Okay, so not everyone thought that, just my mum. And other people. Sure, I’ve had fun. Sure, I’ve liked giving my opinion. Sure, I’ve met a some awesome book bloggers here and I have to say that I am impressed with their time management skills and ability to blog so often. Sure, I’ve really liked being interesting to other people. But I didn’t really want this blog to define me or take over like it had.

I’m still working on defining myself and discovering who I am, what I want to do, where I want to go, how I want to leave my mark on the world. And I’ve been having fun trying to figure out just that.

So goodbye for now book blogging. I have respect for all of the bloggers out there that commit to such a thing! In the meantime, check out my life via instagram pictures! (You may notice I change my hair a lot and that I love selfies haha)

You Only Live Once right?

Miss J


10 thoughts on “Hiatus: Story of My Life

  1. I feel the exact same way. Everything you’ve written here, was the same reasons I stopped…. only my work only encouraged me to stop before I realized how it had become and helped me get over it.

    I don’t post as much, and the only thing I’m doing is updating my genre guide. That’s about it… and even then I do it whenever I feel like doing it not because I feel like I have to do it.

    Good luck out there! And the point of life is to have fun! So go! Have fun! Enjoy life life the way you want it! :)

    • That’s good your work helped with it! Yeah, I feel like this became a necessity, a chore, posts had to go up and if they didn’t then I really sucked at blogging. And then I started to feel guilty all the time because I knew I wasn’t visiting blogs or leaving comments as often as I should. I do wonder if I will post on here again, I think I may but I won’t hold myself to it.

      Thanks, you too! good luck with life, I hope you’re making the most of it and enjoying it as well :)

    • Thanks! After posting this post I realised I missed discussing books and leaving comments on other peoples blogs. But I also realised how easily this blog took over, it took me two hours to write this post simply because of adding the photos haha. Planning, writing, drafting, crafting and publishing posts takes a lot of time and effort which unfortunately I don’t have time for anymore :(

      Good luck with everything! I’ll probably pop by every now and then when it’s raining outside and I have time to jump on.

    • Fair enough! I definitely respect the amount you blog, I love visiting yours and reading your posts. You always have new posts up as well which is awesome. Thanks :)

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  3. I can completely sympathize with you over how time-consuming blogging can be. I’m constantly thinking about cutting back on the number of posts I do per week because for something that’s supposed to be a fun hobby, it often doesn’t feel like that. Best of luck to you, and I still hope to see you around Goodreads! :)

    • I agree! It definitely got to the point where it was more than a hobby and it was just eating up all of mt time and energy. Thanks! And good luck with working out a balance that works for you :)

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