F&F: I do not recommend reading this book. Ever.

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Q: Tell us about a book that you didn’t like and why we shouldn’t read it (as nicely and respectfully as possible)

A: I had to think really hard to answer this question, I don’t usually finish books that I don’t like so there are very few books that I’ve read and can honestly say to you to never pick it up. I finally thought of one that I read a long time ago.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

I really disliked this book for a lot of reasons.
I think you should never read this book because:

+ It is long winded which makes it boring.
+ The reader figures out the reveal from the blurb on the back of the book yet the main character, Luce, doesn’t figure it out till 400 pages in.
+ There is insta-love. Luce falls for Daniel the first time she sees him – by which he gives her the finger. And she’s in love. What the hell? Seriously, what the hell?!
+ Daniel constantly treats Luce horribly yet she still ‘loves’ him.

+ Most of the book is about Luce fixating and obsessing over Daniel and where he is at every moment of the day. She even stalks him most of the time because he won’t have anything to do with her.
+ Luce is kept blind and ignorant the whole time.
+ Everything happens in the end of the book.
+ No character is likable. Luce is portrayed as a weak, crazy damsel in distress that can’t live without a boy loving her, and Daniel is portrayed as a douche bag that gets away with being a douche bag.

What book do you recommend never reading?



34 thoughts on “F&F: I do not recommend reading this book. Ever.

    • I learnt my lesson… I too now don’t often read a books summary unless I’ve never heard of it and I want to kind of know what its about. Even then I don’t read the book straight after I decide to read it so I never remember what the summary said anyway, and I don’t read the summary right before I read the book.

    • Yeahh, I definitely didn’t pick up the rest of the books. Usually though I would read a whole series even if I didn’t particularly like the first book only because I would want to give the series a chance. I mean a lot of series get better in the second book (Then again some get worse…), so it’s not often I won’t read the next book in the series if I finished the first one. This series is one of those rare series for me.

  1. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on this book and I heard that it’s being made into a movie. The things you’ve mentioned don’t attract me to the story either.
    I’m a new bloglovin follower.
    See my FF post here.
    Sharon :-D

    • A movie? Aw man. To be honest though the things I mentioned are things that can be corrected or slightly altered in a movie, they could make Luce less of a clingy, needy girl into a stronger one. The actual plot of the story had potential. If you like angels, for me though I didn’t really like the story either.

      Yay, thanks!

  2. I remember hearing a lot of dislike towards this book. Ironically, my friend actually liked it. But when she “recommended” it to me, I had to kind of turn a deaf ear towards it. Just sooo many bloggers I know hated this book. Probably for all those reasons you stated. So I never bothered with it. And personally, it kind of had me afraid to try this author’s other books since there was so much hate towards this one.

    Here’s my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    • I know that everyone has their own opinions and things but this is just one book I couldn’t recommend… If you do ever get to it though you may have such low expectations that you enjoy it! Maybe…

  3. Oh no! This series has been sitting on my TBR, and I thought about starting it soon. I think I may shy away from it, though. Just from the bits you’ve mentioned, I’m sure it’ll be torturous for me.

    Thanks for stopping by My FF! New follower via BlogLovin’ and Twitter.

    • I definitely think you could give it a go, you never know, with these warnings in mind you may actually enjoy it since you’ve been warned. Who knows. I know I just really did not like it! Everyone’s opinions differ though.

    • Gahh I hate it when the characters aren’t likable! Or are crazy and weird and you can’t relate to them. I actually never started the series Hush Hush because of this book, I had heard it had kind of the same things wrong with it so I steered clear of it,

  4. I 100% agree with you. Sadly I read all of the books in that series, and man do I wish I could get the hours back I spent reading. Ugh. Luce is pretty freaking dumb and the books are so repetitive and not exciting and just ugh. I heard they are making it into a movie….no thank you.

    • Someone told me they’re making it into a movie!! I wonder if it will translate better into a movie? I really hope they make Luce strong and not pathetic like she was in the book… I also hope they build more of a connection and relationship between Daniel and Luce so she doesn’t come across as a boy obsessed stalker…

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