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Hey guys,

So as you may or may not know, I have been on a hiatus from Miss Book Reviews for a little over a year now. The reason I stopped was because I felt like I was spending too much time on this blog and not enough time out living my life; clearly I was unhappy with my life.

Since then, a lot of things have happened to me:

  • I spontaneously decided to go travelling around Europe with my cousin and her friends; and with only four months of planning, I was off.
  • I had the time of my life.
  • I gained a heck of a lot of self-confidence.
  • I learnt a lot about other countries and cultures.
  • I learnt a lot about myself.
  • I realized I am perfectly capable of being my own woman and don’t need to rely on anyone to reassure me of that.
  • I figured out why I had been so unhappy in my life.
  • I realized I’m not the type of girl who only wants to find a husband, settle down in the country of my birth, buy a house, and start a family. I want so much more.

Me in Paris.Me standing in the middle of a frozen lake in Reykjavik, Iceland.On a boat in the middle of Loch Ness in Scotland. Silhouette of Urquhart Castle.Lagos, PortugalCroatiaAmsterdam

After I went travelling, I moved straight to London in the United Kingdom. Luckily for me, I was eligible for the 5 year ancestry visa as my granddad was born and raised in London.

Seriously, moving half way across the world was the best thing I have ever done. Living in little New Zealand, and more specifically in Auckland, you can get very closed-minded unless you’re surrounded by people who have more ambition in life.

Now that I’ve settled down in London, I’ve found some time to start blogging, because really? I just love writing.

Jordon's Travels

I started a travel blog when I was travelling in the European summer last year, mainly so my family could follow my trip, now I’m starting to update it more regularly and I would like to use it as a personal lifestyle blog. There aren’t many lifestyle, recipe or book related posts right now, but bear with me because I have them all scheduled to start posting from this week!

I will be posting regularly about books because I still do love reading and discussing books, however it will not just be a specialized book blog. It will be my travel, book, lifestyle and recipe blog. So I would love it if you all would follow me!

Over the past few days I have reconnected with a lot of the blogs I used to follow on Miss Book Reviews, now I would love to discover more.

If you would like to follow me and send some love, see the links below!

I would love to see you over there!



A zombie apocalypse: In an eNovella series format?

I know, I’ve already stated that this blog is on a hiatus. Thing is, I may randomly post something now and then, I just won’t hold myself to anything. Plus this is something I suddenly wanted to share with the world.

I just stumbled across this. At first I found it weird but now I’m loving this idea and I’m on the look out for more eNovella series’!

First we had eNovellas which were told in different POV’s, I kind of liked these because we got to see more of a secondary character. They would either be prequels or in between novels of a series to keep everyone going. Usually they weren’t necessary and honestly I never really want to buy them unless I love the series a lot.

Some eNovella’s felt like they were necessary and those are the ones I disliked because I felt like it wasn’t fair. I mean what if you can’t get your hands on that eNovella? What if you don’t have an eReader? What if it won’t ever be released in your country *Cough*Radiant by Cynthia Hand*Cough*? What are you to do? Well you can’t do anything about it.

Now I’ve stumbled across an eNovella series. A series which is labelled as ‘episodes’ and each ‘episode’ is around 20,000 words. At first I thought this was weird, I mean why doesn’t the author write a novel instead? And then I started reading it and I realised the benefits of an eNovella series instead of a novel series. I will use the one I’ve stumbled across as an example.

Love and Decay by Rachel Higginson – Episode One on Amazon

Love and Decay is an eNovella series about a zombie apocalypse. And I love it. I mean I’ve been looking for zombie apocalypse books that I could relate to for quite a while (Okay who says ‘relate to’ and ‘zombie apocalypse’ in the same sentence?). I’ve found a few zombie books that I really enjoyed, but couldn’t relate to any of the characters, or perhaps it wasn’t exactly what I’ve wanted but it was still enjoyable:

Ashes – The main character has a brain tumor and carries a gun around just waiting for the moment to kill herself just before the apocalypse happens, more about asking the thought provoking question ‘Just who are the monsters in the world’? Way too political for my tastes,
Rot and Ruin You should not kill the zombies unnecessarily, they used to be someone’s loved one. I DNF’ed this before I could read more in to this so maybe the idea changes? I wouldn’t know, I lost interest,
Enclave – Not zombies but was just exactly what I wanted when looking for a zombie book. Except it’s a dystopian so it’s not set in recent times, and once again; not zombies,
Alice in Zombieland – Supernatural, paranormal, not exactly a zombie apocalypse but really fun to read anyway,
The Forest of Hands and Teeth – Creepy, more about the society and the main character rather than the zombies, she was kind of crazy to me and I couldn’t relate to her at all, I didn’t really like her to be honest but the book was good,
Warm Bodies – A dark humor romance,
Taking on the Dead – I couldn’t get past the first few chapters, the main character already feels slightly crazy and it annoyed me more than anything else,
Zombie Fallout – I could not relate to nor feel for any of the characters that are introduced, because of that I stopped reading a few chapters in. I definitely feel like males would enjoy this one a whole lot more than me,
The First Days – I personally could not relate to any of the characters and got bored quickly.

I found a few that I thought were entertaining but as you could see “I couldn’t personally relate to any of the characters” comes up in a lot of them, this is because most of the characters were military, or were kind of crazy and had been planning for the zombie apocalypse for years so they had guns stashed away and knew what to do, or they were; male, older woman, unlikable, young, immature, reckless and annoying, or afraid of killing to survive or the opposite and not scared of being killed when realistically you should be peeing your pants. Or something of that nature.

I mean if there ever were a zombie apocalypse being in the military and having had  that training or really any kind of training just feels like it’s the only thing that would keep you alive. And while that is easily understandable and makes a ton of sense I personally can’t relate to that. Not everyone needs the skills or is in a position to learn the skills to survive like that. I felt like a lot of the jargon and characters went right over my head.

It all tells me normal people couldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse. Which is probably very true.  I mean I don’t spend my weekends sharpening my knives and learning how to behead the walking dead in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse like some people may do.  Still, I would like to think that I would at least have a chance of surviving if the zombie apocalypse happened; and I’m a person who has no idea how to use a gun.

So all I wanted to find was a good zombie book with a character that I could relate to, where the zombies attacked you because they wanted to eat your brains. Not a zombie book where the the main character had feelings for the zombies, or they have a conscience about killing the zombies because they used to be someone’s loved one, or even a zombie book where the zombies regain their humanity. Those are all well and good but comeee oooon! I just want a good damn zombie book where a normal person -okay so maybe a normal girl/young woman- learns how to kick ass and doesn’t have a conscience about killing things to protect themselves! Throw in a sexy realistic guy while you’re at it.

Obviously I was looking for a very YA version of the zombie apocalypse with a non-cheesy, realistic love interest that isn’t insta-love.

I have finally gotten my YA zombie apocalypse fix.

Love and Decay is the perfect series that I have been pining for for ages. It’s a refreshing take, the main character is not military, in fact she’s a high school girl. Well she would have been a high school girl if she still had to go to high school. I’m not in high school and definitely older but I can still relate.

Love and Decay actually feels like a tv series, you know when you watch an episode of your favourite show and you’re just dying to see the next episode. In each episode there’s a storyline within the bigger picture storyline and we get to see more of the characters, the world and the story than what we would in a movie. This eNovella series is like that; we get to see more than we would if this were a novel series. I feel like because these eNovella’s are short it leaves room for more character building and there’s just more that can happen without the reader getting bored and wondering how much more they have to read, all because it’s too short to feel like that. I’ve fallen in love with this.

An eNovella series? Genius. A YA eNovella series about the zombie apocalypse with a normal teenage girl as the main character that has to do what she has to do to survive and has no qualms about killing the already dead? Perfect. What’s more Episode one is free so you can check it out to see if it’s your cup of tea!

Love and Decay: Episode One | Episode Two | Episode Three | Episode Four | Episode Five

I got so excited after stumbling upon this series that I just had to share!

Miss J

Hiatus: Story of My Life

Miss Book Reviews is on a Hiatus

Soo I’ve been missing for a few months now. Missing from this blog that is, not literally missing. Thank god. That would have been awkward.

Why? Well, honestly? I completely ran out of energy for this.

I like reading. I still read. I still visit goodreads. I just stopped book blogging. I had fun book blogging. Right up until I realized it was consuming my life and that it had become my life.

At the time my life was all: How many books can I read in one week? Work. How many reviews can I write up in one go? What topics can I discuss? How many comments did I get on this post? Work. How many blogs have I visited today? Why do half of the comments on my posts feel computer generated/generalized? Am I even interesting? Does anyone actually read this? Work. What books do I need to catch up on? Should I DNF this book or push through it? Work. Why is no one commenting on my posts? Work. Crap I haven’t scheduled a post for tomorrow! Work. Why does this take so much energy? Work. Work. How does everyone else have the time to post so often AND visit other blogs? And then leave detailed and meaningful comments?! Work. Work. Work. How does everyone else book blog and live their lives?!

So I decided to, just… stop. Altogether. Stop.

I just couldn’t hack it. I had no more energy or drive to log on to my email for this blog let alone log on to Miss Book Reviews and write this post stating how I would rather live my life than read my life away.

And that is exactly what I felt like I was doing: Reading my life away. As much fun as I have reading about other characters’ adventures I realized I would have more fun living my own adventures, making my own story, creating my own work or something of that nature. So something had to give.

Miss Book Reviews started to feel like the one thing that made me interesting. And that was a bad thing. When people found out that I wrote a blog they suddenly became super interested and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Okay, so not everyone thought that, just my mum. And other people. Sure, I’ve had fun. Sure, I’ve liked giving my opinion. Sure, I’ve met a some awesome book bloggers here and I have to say that I am impressed with their time management skills and ability to blog so often. Sure, I’ve really liked being interesting to other people. But I didn’t really want this blog to define me or take over like it had.

I’m still working on defining myself and discovering who I am, what I want to do, where I want to go, how I want to leave my mark on the world. And I’ve been having fun trying to figure out just that.

So goodbye for now book blogging. I have respect for all of the bloggers out there that commit to such a thing! In the meantime, check out my life via instagram pictures! (You may notice I change my hair a lot and that I love selfies haha)

You Only Live Once right?

Miss J

[Discussion] Part Three: What I DON’T like about multiple POV’s


What I don’t like about multiple points of views

*Disclaimer: By ‘Multiple points of views’ I am only referring to multiple characters points of views in books.

The other week I admitted that I used to hate reading books with multiple characters POV’s. I then decided to elaborate on multiple characters POV’s and what I’ve learned about them. As I’ve had so much to say on the topic I decided to split it up into three parts.

Part one of this discussion discussed the amount of characters in books and what I’ve found I like reading. Part two of this discussion focussed on the different types of ways that multiple points of views appear in books and what I thought about them.

In part three I discuss what I’ve discovered I don’t like about multiple points of views. After all the last two parts have mostly been about what I do like.

There are some things that seriously just irk me off when it comes to reading multiple points of views. I have to admit that probably some of these examples steam from poor or amateur written books, which I used to read when I was younger. I’m going to go a head and say that I’m grateful for those books because they had shown me what I hope to never see again in a book and I feel like that helped me figure out what I DO like in a book.

On to the list!

There are so many characters it gets confusing.
Seriously. Very rarely can a book pull this style off. Well at least that I’ve read so far. I’ve read a few fantasy books with a ton of POV’s but they manage to pull it off and I liked the style a lot. But then I’ve also read books where there are so many characters that I end up having no idea who is who any more or what the point of each character is. When that happens it’s horrible.

You’re reading a book with multiple character’s POV’s. You’re enjoying it and getting into the flow of the random way the story switches to each character, but then BAM, you read a whole page from the POV of a character you’ve never read before.
Okay, so maybe this point here could be blamed on the narrative. But still, when this happens I’m usually pulled right out of the story and wondering why I just got to read this through the eyes of the main characters, little brothers, best friends sister instead of getting the information some other way. It’s jarring.

One character is introduced half way through that is deemed incredibly important and we are now reading through their eyes – it feels like we’re reading a stranger.
To this date this has only happened a couple of times in a book. And each time I throw the book down and wonder why I’m still reading it. Seriously!? A completely NEW character when we’re half way through the story and have only just gotten used to all of the characters we already have? This doesn’t bode well for me. It feels like I’m reading a complete stranger that I really do not care for, yet apparently he’s incredibly important to the story except we had not heard of him before he appeared smack bang in the middle of chaos. What? I mean really, what?

When book one in the series has one POV but book two has multiple POV’s and you’re like ‘Whyyy?’, it doesn’t feel consistent!
This drives me crazy when this happens. Why? Well I find it feels so incredibly jarring that I am forever thrown out of the story. I haven’t read too many books where this happens, where say book one is written with one characters POV but then book two is written in three characters POV’s, but from the books that I have: It did not work for me.

There are SO MANY characters POV’s yet there is hardly a reminder of who each character is.
I hate it when this happens. If you’re going to have a ton of characters POV’s in a book and you’re not going to do it in any chronological order by chapter or section or whatever. Then please make sure you remind us who each character is in some way. You’re a writer, you can figure it out. Maybe each character has something distinct about them that you happen to mention in passing a few times when they pop up; whatever you do, just make sure you do it. Especially if you’re on to book two or three in the series.

This was the main thing that let down The Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick for me. Book one starts with one point of view, then it changes half way through the book to multiple points of view. As if that wasn’t jarring enough, even though I understood it was a literary device to separate the two parts, book two – Shadows, is then told in multiple points of views as well. Except the unfortunate thing was that there was no reminder of who was who, I couldn’t remember who we met in Ashes and because there were so many POV’s and so many characters I got lost and couldn’t enjoy the story. There was too much going on.

Reading the same scene through a different characters eyes.
I have not seen this done in a long time but when this does happen I get bored because I’ve already seen the scene happen and I know what’s going to happen so I really don’t want to read it again. Now alternating a scene between the characters POV’s is different – that can be very exciting if done right.


And those are the main things that drive me crazy when it comes to multiple character POV’s in books. I’m pretty sure many of these things aren’t done very often which is a great thing.

Part One: Multiple POV’s
Part Two: Different Styles of multiple POV’s

Do you have pet peeves about multiple characters points of views?

Miss J

[Discussion] Part Two: Different Styles of Multiple POV’s


Different styles of multiple points of views

*Disclaimer: By ‘Multiple points of views’ I am only referring to multiple characters points of views in books.

Last week I posted Part One of this discussion series after I admited that I used to hate reading books with multiple character POV’s. This week I wanted to discuss the different styles I’ve seen of books written in multiple POV’s and what books I liked using this particular style.

There are definitely very different styles of writing stories with multiple POV’s. Every book is different and every style is written with different intentions to get the story across. I like all and every style if it’s written well. And of course every person’s personal opinion varies from what they like and don’t like.

Alternating every chapter

We have characters points of view alternating every chapter. This style feels very organised and I think takes skill as every chapter would need to end in a place that makes sense, or end with enough intrigue that the reader would feel the need to read ‘one more chapter’, and then there’s also the other side where it would need to last long enough to make a whole chapter.

As I stated in part one, I really like this style which can be seen in:

Under the Never Sky by Veronica RossiAcross the Universe by Beth RevisLegend by Marie LuBelles by Jen CalonitaThe Ghost and The Goth by Stacey Kade
Etc, etc.

Alternating in sections

We have characters alternating points of view in sections meaning when the author wants to change the characters points of view they do.
For example:
Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick and Elementals by Brigid Kemmerer

I really liked how this was done in the Elementals series by Brigid Kemmerer. I found that each book focusses on the main character that the story revolves around with the secondary main character (The love interest), getting parts and sections told in their POV so we got to see their side of life. The way this series flows worked for me, I loved it.

Changing every book until the series is complete

Then there’s the bigger change. Each book in the series changes to a different characters point of view, or perhaps in this style it is more a different characters story but set in the same world.
For example: 
Elementals by Brigid KemmererHis Fair Assassin by Robin La FeversSevenwaters by Juliet Marillier Wildwood Dancing by Juliet MarillierGraceling Realm by Kristin Cahsore

There are a lot of series written this way which I absolutely love (For example all of the above). Each author and each series interprets it their own way, each book and each series is different and I love it.

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer - Miss Book ReviewsElementals by Brigid Kemmerer
Elementals is written in two POV’s every book, yet each book is based around a different character in the story. We get to fall in love with all of the characters in book one and then get close and personal with each different character in another book.

The Sevenwaters series by Juliet MarillierDaughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier - Miss Book Reviews
The Sevenwaters series has each book centred around each new generation in their world. Each book has the same history and setting as it’s predecessors but each book centres around the last books main characters children. I liked this style because we get to see new characters, and completely new stories but they each have something familiar about them and feels like an old friend.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore - Miss Book ReviewsThe Graceling Realm by Kirstin Cashore
This series is written from a different character each book, except book two, Fire, is a companion novel set before Graceling, and book three; Bitterblue is set after Graceling and brings Graceling and Fire together. This series is amazing and I feel like each book compliments the each other, as well as being a part of a bigger story which we learn about in Bitterblue.

I love this series. I love each book in it’s own way. Each book in this series is completely different yet it’s set in the same world and comes together.

That’s what I loved about the different styles of multiple points of views.

Part One: Mulitple POV’s

Do you lean towards a certain multiple POV style? What’s your favourite book written in each style?

Miss J

[Discussion] Part One: Multiple POV’s


Multiple Points of Views

*Disclaimer: By ‘Multiple points of views’ I am only referring to multiple characters points of views in books.

Last week I admitted that I used to hate reading books that were written in multiple point of views. I thought it ruined the story and made the stories a lot less exciting than what they could have been. But only because I found I was picking up books that revealed something through the eyes of a second character, something I felt like I wanted to learn over the whole book not in the second chapter at the mind of the second POV.

This week I wanted to discuss the different points of views and how I see them. I’m not really going to touch base with first/third narrative or past/present tense, just the amount of characters we get to see the story through and how I thought it worked or perhaps doesn’t work.
And of course this is all my personal opinion and what I’ve really liked reading.

Two Characters

I think this is my favourite style when it comes to multiple points of views. Two characters are simple and we get to see the story from two different angles, we get to fall in love with the two main characters, and get to know the secondary character more intimately than we could through the eyes of our main character.

A lot of my favourite series’ are written in this style.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi - Miss Book Reviews

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
I love the way Aria and Perry’s POV’s really let us explore this world and this story. Veronica Rossi does this incredibly well, we get to learn about Aria and Perry through their own eyes and personally I think that’s what makes this series so exciting. This series could never be told from only one point of view, how then would we learn of the rich world it inhabits?

The way this story is written is beautiful, Aria and Perry’s POV’s are beautifully interwoven with the right timing. Each chapter ending with the suspense of making you want to find out what happens next, but as the next chapter is the next characters POV we don’t get to see what happens next right away. But as the current characters POV was just as breathtakingly exciting the chapter before, you’re plunged into a never ending cycle of suspense and adventure.

I loved this style and Rossi pulled this off perfectly.

Across the Universe by Beth RevisAcross the Universe by Beth Revis - Miss Book Reviews
This series is written the same way. Each chapter alternates telling the story in Amy and Elder’s POV’s, both characters are also from different worlds. At least they’re from a different time and grew up in a different world from each other meaning: they have different ways of thinking, they’re different enough to tell apart and have different thoughts, opinions, understandings and feelings.

I felt like I highly enjoyed this style of multiple POV because Elder and Amy were so different that I was always wanting to know where they factored in with each other, where they were in the story and why. We read the story as one but read them as two different pairs of eyes telling the same story in a different way. It worked and I loved it.

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer - Miss Book ReviewsStorm by Brigid Kemmerer
Storm is also told from two POV’s yet this style isn’t quite the same. The characters change POV’s sporadically. The POV’s change during chapters or there may be a whole chapter where we only read from one character’s POV. The POV’s are two POV’s in the same world experiencing the same main events yet the characters are living their own lives which just so happen to involve or cross one another every so often. If this makes sense.

I was quite surprised to find that this style really worked with the story, I was kept interested the whole way through the book and the suspense and excitement carried right on through the story and the POV’s. The way the POV’s intertwined kept me intrigued, each POV change never left me feeling like I was pulled out of one story and put into the next but rather that I was done with seeing one POV and was now ready to see what the other POV was up to and how they factored in to the main over all story.

This story worked incredibly well with this style of writing and style of multiple points of views.

Three or more characters

Personally I usually find three characters the limit for multiple points of view. Any more and I get incredibly lost. Unless, of course, the story is written very well and the characters are so different in very obvious aspects that I don’t get confused. I also feel like that any more  than possibly four, maybe five POV’s always make me wonder if all of these characters are needed; I mean do we really need to see everyone’s point of view of the events? Do we really need to know everyone’s thoughts and opinions? Do we need to see all of these characters stories in this book? Often I usually wish the story had a lot less characters.

I like more point of views when it is written well. When it works. When the writer knows exactly what they’re doing, exactly why each character is needed, and exactly why they help the story to progress.

For example I know there are quite a few fantasy books written in multiple points of views; it works. And it works well. But then there are also books I’ve come across that have so many points of view and fail to come across as intended. I have read books that have made me feel like it was too jarring to keep up.

So there are books that don’t work with a ton of characters POV’s as well as many that pull it off  wonderfully.

How many POV’s can you handle when reading a book? Do you stay clear of books with more than a certain number?

What are your favourite books written in multiple character POV’s? What style of multiple POV’s do you enjoy most?


Since I have so much to say on this subject I decided to split this post up into three parts.

Part Two: Next I express my personal opinions on the different styles of multiple points of views.
Part Three: I explain what things I have come across and realised I don’t like when it comes to multiple POV’s.

Miss J

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[I Admit:] I used to HATE reading multiple POV’s

Miss Book Reviews Feature - I Admit:

I used to HATE reading books told in multiple points of view’s

*Disclaimer: By ‘Multiple points of views’ I am only referring to multiple characters points of views in books.

When I used to think of books told in multiple points of views, I would cringe. I had never read a book written well with multiple POV’s, I had never seen how amazing it can be pulled off so therefore I disliked it and expected all books to be ruined if written so.

I was obviously either reading the wrong books, the wrong authors, or had yet to discover what I liked in a book.

The reason I hated it? Well what I hated so much about this style was when:
The second point of view killed all the suspense and mystery.
And somehow every book I picked up did this for me.

An example:

‘Female A’ is totally crushing and pining over ‘Male B’. She can’t stop thinking about him and really wishes he liked her the same way, but she’s convinced he likes ‘Amazing Girl 1’ who happens to be incredibly beautiful, very successful, is amazing at flirting (Unlike Female A. Of course.), and is way more intelligent than she is. This is fine since we as readers are also convinced he’s not interested in her and we want him to slowly fall for her and to see it happen throughout the book.

But then (Dun, dun, dun):
We switch to Male B’s POV and, lo and behold, we find out he is actually very intrigued by Female A, he is definitely attracted to her and, in fact, he wants to get closer to her. Except he’s convinced she doesn’t like him at all.

All. Suspense. Ruined.
We as readers know that Female A and Male B like each other, but they don’t know that, and they won’t tell each other that. Therefore the whole romance is a bunch of misunderstandings, paragraphs of pining and wondering why he/she doesn’t like him/her, and no communication between each other over the subject. Right until the end of course. 

Personally I find  that boring and it holds no interest. Therefore I feel like the second POV ruined the whole story for me. Even if the story isn’t about romance, it still ruined the suspense of the romance. I no longer wonder if Male B is going to fall for Female A and I do not have the joy of watching him do just that; he already likes her and we already know this through his POV. So instead, I have to sit there and frustratingly read how much each of them likes the other but how they think the other isn’t the same way inclined.

These sorts of scenarios are the scenarios that I wish would completely cut out Male B’s POV, and let us read the story from only Female A’s POV. At least then the suspense would still be intact.

My point is I really do not like it when POV 1 sets up this suspense and mystery of the unknown and we as readers are compelled to ask why, so we continue reading to see what happens. It’s exciting, it may be thrilling, and it’s one of the reasons we furiously turn page to page. But then POV 2 swoops in and kills that feeling by telling us outright what the answer is. There stops my furious page turning.

We would have enjoyed finding out at the same time POV 1 finds out.

I am now more knowledgeable on what books I like and have to admit I don’t find the above scenario happening at all when it comes to multiple POV’s, which is great. The most probable answer is that the stories I now read don’t have insta-love or the romance develops throughout the story, not before the story. But even so, I have gotten into the habit of preparing myself for the disappointment just in case the above does happen.


So that is why I used to hate reading books with multiple points of views. Now though, I know the beauty and the intense excitement this style can create.
I can now appreciate multiple points of views and personally I have grown to love it.

Have you found yourself growing and learning about what you like and don’t like when it comes to the writing style in books?

Miss J

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[Discussion] Oh you invisible eBooks

Why do I view eBooks as invisible?!

Because I can’t see the eBook sitting next to my bed waiting to be read… Let me explain.

I read eBooks on my Android tablet using the kindle app or Aldiko app depending on where I get the eBook from. It works. Thing is, when it comes to eBooks I usually forget or pass over the tablet and move to read a physical book that’s sitting right next to my bed instead.

Why do I do this?

Because I get books out at the library, and when I do I often overdo it by checking out twelve books at once. And only having four weeks to read those twelve books before they have to be returned means I need to read them first or I won’t get to read them at all.

The stack of books next to my bed…

And why do I check out so many books at once?

Because I can’t help it. There are just so many books that I want to read that I get too excited at the library and go check-out-crazy. Plus since I can’t see the eBooks sitting next to my bed I kind of push eBooks to the back of my mind and momentarily forget about them.

Also, I use the library a lot. I don’t often buy books due to money and space constraints. Which is fine for me because the library is free and my library is a part of a chain of libraries. Meaning if it doesn’t have the book I want to read then one of the other fifty libraries will, so I just request it to be sent to my library and pick it up when it arrives.

Therefore the eBooks I buy are either the free ones, the cheap ones under $2, the eNovellas, and sometimes if I really want to read a book and my library doesn’t have it due to it not being available to libraries; then I’ll buy it if it’s $5 or under. Leaving me very rarely buying eBooks.


At the moment I have forty six unread eBooks on my kindle app. FORTY SIX. What. The. Hell. It’s like I download an eBook then I just leave it. For what reason do I bother downloading it then?!

So I’ve decided that from now on I am going to challenge myself; I will alternate the books I read. I will read a physical book sitting next to my bed, and then I will choose an eBook I already have downloaded on my app. That way I will finally get to read all of these eBooks that I seem to be accumulating!

I have a feeling this will take most of the year to do, considering I read an average of seventy books a year…

So the queue of alternating books that I have planned out at the moment are:

The Testing by Joelle CharbonneauThrough the Ever Night by Veronica RossiEden by Keary TaylorBetrayals in Spring by Trisha LeighHallowed by Cynthia HandHaven 6 by Aubrie DionneScarlet by Marrisa MeyerPrince of Wolves by Quinn LoftisInitiation by Imogen RoseBloodlines by Richelle Mead

 These should keep me busy for a month or so.

Do you ever forget about the eBooks you downloaded because you can’t see them? Or do you prefer to read eBooks rather than physical books so find you keep pushing the books on your shelves further down the list?

What’s your trick when it comes to eBooks?

Miss J