Review Policy

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Hello there!

Firstly, welcome to Miss Book Reviews!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy!

[At this time I am NOT considering Review Requests]

This also includes blog tours, book promo’s, book blitz’, giveaways or interviews.

Please note: I accept finished self published material.
I accept ARC copies from publishers.

I accept eBooks in the form of .mobi

I am a New Zealand based book review blogger who loves reading, loves escaping into the worlds created inside the pages of a book, and I try to have fun in doing so.

At the moment I am not accepting physical books.
I am accepting eBook’s. I prefer eBooks. I have an Android Tablet that has the Kindle app so I accept the .mobi format.

– –Young Adult books are the books that I usually review and enjoy, I accept New Adult depending on genre, and I am open to Adult books depending on genre and sometimes content – I may say no to adult content more often that YA content though.
For example: An adult series I do enjoy is the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.- –

– –I like to read a series in order. If the book is a part of a series and it is not the first book then please be kind enough to offer to send over its predecessors, otherwise chances are it will not be reviewed before I read the books before it in the series, or I will not be able to review it. Although, you can check my review archive to see if I have already read its predecessor/s!- –

If you would like me to review your book then please email me at missbookreviews[at]gmail[dot]com

Genre’s of books that I enjoy most are:

–Paranormal Romance
–Science Fiction
–Epic / High Fantasy
–Fairytale Retelling

Genres and themes I am not interested in:

–Chick Literature
–Murder Mysteries

–Religion related
–Faeries / Faerie realm
–Time Travel
–Self help

If you’re not sure then send a request anyway.

In your email please provide this list of information:

Title, Genre, Summary,
Goodreads link,

Other links – Your website, any other links you think are applicable
State time limit review needs to be up by if applicable.

Anything else you would like to mention.

—My reviews are completely based off of my own thoughts and opinions I have formed after reading the book.
—I will always be honest, meaning I will point out what I liked and what I didn’t like. With all negative points I will explain why.
—I will post my review on my blog and Goodreads. If you would like me to post it anywhere else then please state this in your original email.
—My requested reviews include: Title, author, genre, rating, book summary, my review, links to the book on: Goodreads, the book depository, Amazon US and Whitcoulls NZ (When applicable).

Learn more about me and check out my rating chart on the ‘About‘ page.

I accept books in exchange for honest reviews. I do not charge nor accept any form of payment for these reviews.

I am open to blog tours, interviews, guest posts and giveaway’s!


–I will review books as fast as I have time for; this will depend on how busy my life is and how many books I need to review before I get to the book you wish to be reviewed. If you need the review to be up by a certain date then please state this in your original email so I know how much time I will have and how I can accommodate.

–I will try my hardest to finish any book I accept for review (I will only accept if the book sounds like a book I would really like to try out) but if I find that I am unable to finish the book then I reserve the right to not post a review. I do not post reviews of books I am not able to finish reading as I do not believe that is an accurate description of the book in its entirety. You may suggest an alternative post if this is the case (Guest post / author or character interviews / Small book excerpt). 

–Be completely aware that my review will be an honest representation of my opinion and I will not change anything about that review or opinion even if you do not agree with it or its rating. But I do aim for my reviews to be professional and I try and look on the positive side of things. I only ever accept books for review if I like the sound of them so if I accepted your book then I am reviewing your book because I want to and because it sounded like a pretty awesome book when I accepted it.

–If you email me with a book review request I will take that as confirmation that you have read my policy and my disclaimer.


Looking forward to hearing from you! :)