I’ve started a new lifestyle/book/travel blog: Jordon’s Travels

Jordon's Travels

Hey guys,

So as you may or may not know, I have been on a hiatus from Miss Book Reviews for a little over a year now. The reason I stopped was because I felt like I was spending too much time on this blog and not enough time out living my life; clearly I was unhappy with my life.

Since then, a lot of things have happened to me:

  • I spontaneously decided to go travelling around Europe with my cousin and her friends; and with only four months of planning, I was off.
  • I had the time of my life.
  • I gained a heck of a lot of self-confidence.
  • I learnt a lot about other countries and cultures.
  • I learnt a lot about myself.
  • I realized I am perfectly capable of being my own woman and don’t need to rely on anyone to reassure me of that.
  • I figured out why I had been so unhappy in my life.
  • I realized I’m not the type of girl who only wants to find a husband, settle down in the country of my birth, buy a house, and start a family. I want so much more.

Me in Paris.Me standing in the middle of a frozen lake in Reykjavik, Iceland.On a boat in the middle of Loch Ness in Scotland. Silhouette of Urquhart Castle.Lagos, PortugalCroatiaAmsterdam

After I went travelling, I moved straight to London in the United Kingdom. Luckily for me, I was eligible for the 5 year ancestry visa as my granddad was born and raised in London.

Seriously, moving half way across the world was the best thing I have ever done. Living in little New Zealand, and more specifically in Auckland, you can get very closed-minded unless you’re surrounded by people who have more ambition in life.

Now that I’ve settled down in London, I’ve found some time to start blogging, because really? I just love writing.

Jordon's Travels

I started a travel blog when I was travelling in the European summer last year, mainly so my family could follow my trip, now I’m starting to update it more regularly and I would like to use it as a personal lifestyle blog. There aren’t many lifestyle, recipe or book related posts right now, but bear with me because I have them all scheduled to start posting from this week!

I will be posting regularly about books because I still do love reading and discussing books, however it will not just be a specialized book blog. It will be my travel, book, lifestyle and recipe blog. So I would love it if you all would follow me!

Over the past few days I have reconnected with a lot of the blogs I used to follow on Miss Book Reviews, now I would love to discover more.

If you would like to follow me and send some love, see the links below!

I would love to see you over there!